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Top Companies to Work for in 2022 (Plus Tips on How to Ace Your Application)

Everyone wants to work for top brands that offer compensation and benefits packages. So which are the best companies to work for in 2022? Let’s dive in!

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Everyone wants to work for top brands that offer compensation and benefits packages. So which are the best companies to work for in 2022? Let’s dive in!

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The job search arena is very competitive since everyone wants to work for the top brands. The best way to begin your job search is to make a list of companies to work for. Selecting top brands to work for goes beyond comparing the salary packages. Look into the office culture, testimonials of previous employees, online reviews, career advancement programs, and employee benefits packages. We have done some research and come up with a list of the best companies to work for in Uganda.


Top 20 companies to work for in Uganda

1. Toyota Uganda Ltd 

Toyota Ltd has been the leading automotive company in Kampala, Uganda since 2005. Additionally, it is the only company authorized to distribute and sell Toyota Vehicles in Uganda. The company is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) that is the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Check out these available career opportunities.

2. BF SUMA Ltd Uganda 

BF SUMA should be on your bucket list of companies to work for. It is Uganda’s leading manufacturer of health and pharmaceutical products. Apart from this, the company also develops and distributes the said products. It boasts of having over approximately 400 employees on payroll and offers a friendly working environment for them. Here are some of their available career opportunities.

3. Picfare Group

This is the leading printing and stationery giant in Uganda. If its client list is anything to go by; this is one of the best companies to work for in Uganda. Picfare is the first security printing company to be government-approved and offers several employee benefits. View & apply for jobs here.

4. Watu Credit 

It is an asset financing company that has branches in three different countries including Uganda and over 70,000 customers. The company offers its employees a competitive compensation package with benefits. View & apply for jobs here.

5. Biyinzika Poultry 

Biyinzika was founded in 1990 and started as a poultry breeder farm that supplied day-old chicks. Currently, this Ugandan top brand produces approximately up to 300,000 broiler eggs and 100,000 layer eggs weekly. Biyinzika offers several employee benefits and is one of the best companies to work for in Uganda. View & apply for jobs here.

6. Nexus Green Ltd 

Nexus is one of the top brands in Uganda specializing in designing, manufacturing, supplying, and delivering solar-powered solutions. In addition to powering the nation, it provides affordable energy and reduces carbon emissions. If you want to work in an ambitious work setting, try Nexus Green Ltd today! View & apply for jobs here

7. Wave 

This is a mobile money lending Company that provides international financial aid and is one of the top brands in Uganda with an affordable financial network. Wave has a motivated workforce that offers employee benefits such as remote working, unlimited vacation, sick policy, free health care package that includes the employee’s family. For more information on how you can work for this top brand, click here!

8. Easy Matatu Ltd 

This is one of the best companies to work for in the transportation industry. The company owns a platform that connects computers to safe, fast, and reliable transport services. Easy Matatu provides its employees with enough comfort to work comfortably. Check out the available career opportunities here!

9. Fundi Bots 

If you are in the STEM field, look no further, Fundi Bots is here to work with communities and schools to provide practical STEM education. Their ambitious workforce and employee benefits will provide you with enough experience to advance your career and achieve your goals. Check them out here!

10. Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited 

Bukoola is one of the leading agrochemical distributing companies in Uganda. It was founded in 1973 and has consistently imported, repackaged, and distributed agrochemicals in Uganda. Consistency offers work benefits and a supportive work environment. Learn more about their job offers here!


Are you looking to work in a company that prioritizes the future of the youth? Look no further, works with governments, schools, and the youth to reduce unemployment by providing them with the right skills. The staff is unified and driven to help the youth in the community. View & apply for jobs here.

12. Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd 

Kyagalanyi Ltd is a part of Volcafe Group and is the oldest leading exporter of coffee in Uganda. Founded in 1992, Kyagalanyi has taken pride in being the lead licensed exporter of arabica and robusta coffee. This is one of the best companies to work for, and you can find out more about their available job opportunities here!

13. SafeBoda 

This company has revolutionized the transport industry in Uganda. SafeBoda has created a safe, fast, and affordable transport system that offers all this at a click of a button. The company gives its employees benefits and remote office culture. View & apply for jobs here.

14. Cycle Connect Uganda 

Cycle Connect partners with farmers and offers them income-generating assets and the necessary tools to thrive in the food production industry. It was formerly known as Bicycles Against Poverty but rebranded later and now focuses on giving rural families a way out of poverty. This company prides itself on its core values and requires job candidates to align with them. For more information on how you can work for Cycle Connect Uganda, click here!

15. Ivazu Uganda 

Ivazu is Uganda’s leading party application that helps you access and purchase all your party needs at a click of a button. The company has very hardworking employees, and it creates a friendly work culture. Check out the available career opportunities here!

16. Afripads (U) Ltd 

Afripads is one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of reusable sanitary pads through products such as the Standard Kits, Schoolgirl Kit, and Underwear. They are transforming lives, one girl at a time. This innovative company offers several employee benefits and is one of the best companies to work for in Uganda.For more information on how you can work for Afripads Uganda, click here!

17. Pulse East Africa 

If you are in the media or marketing field, check out Pulse East Africa. It is one of the largest media companies in Uganda and prides itself on its young audience. Their media reach and innovative marketing solutions will have anyone drooling for a chance to work in this top brand. Pulse offers its employees benefits, recognition, support, and growth. View & apply for jobs here.

18. Pula 

This is one of the leading insurance companies in Uganda specializing in technology and agricultural insurance. Pula designs and delivers innovative digital products and agricultural insurance to smallholder farmers. The company has insured about 5.1 Million farmers and received recognition as one of the top insurtech innovators in 2021. Pula has a supportive office culture that will help skyrocket your career goals.  View & apply for jobs here.

19. Jumia Uganda 

Jumia is one of the leading business-to-consumer platforms that help businesses reach consumers with the click of a button. This fast-growing company was founded in 2012 and has since established itself as the provider of quality products, convenience, safety, and savings. The fun but competitive work setting will help you grow your skills. For more information on how you can work for Jumia Uganda, click here!

20. FINCA Plus LLC (Bright Life) 

FINCA was established in 1984 with the hope of providing loans to the poor to help them transform their lives. This vision helped the company expand globally. It offers its employees a dynamic office culture and a competitive benefits and compensation package. Learn more on how to join their team here!


3 tips to ace your application

Now that you know the top companies to work for in Uganda, you need to know how to make your application stand out. Hiring managers in these top brands have many applications to sieve through. How will you make yours stand out from the rest? 


  • Customize your application - Don’t settle for generic cover letters and CVs, unless you are planning on not getting the job. Look into the roles of the job position and use them to customize your job application documents. Take this opportunity to show the hiring manager how your skills and qualifications will help you perform.

  • Network and be memorable - Take advantage of how connected the world is. Once you know which company would be a good fit for you, find your way into it. Connect with and impress someone in the company. Use this connection to make your name recognizable among all the applications. Once you apply for a job position, let this person know and watch the effects of networking.

  • Perfect your grammar and spelling - There is nothing as disappointing as making an error in a cover letter or CV. Don’t set yourself up to fail. You can use grammar and spelling correction applications such as Grammarly before submitting your application.



The bottom line is - work for a company that not only offers you good pay and employee benefits but also growth opportunities. Additionally, know what your career goals are. Your career goals will help you know if the company culture and job position will help you grow and achieve your goals. Before you send your application to any company, make sure that your qualifications and skills align with the job description. Prepare a suitable cover letter and update your CV. Good luck!

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