Living our new normal (what to expect)

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Not to sound pessimistic here but what if we won’t get back to normal? What if we are heading to a new normal?

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Photo Credit: August de Richilieu

“I can’t wait for us to get back to normal” is what most people have said ever since the pandemic. I recently had a group conversation with some of my cousins and they kept saying how they had made plans and hoped that this year would be it for them. Maybe you feel the same way and now it seems like that might not happen as anticipated. No one knows how long this will last or when it will completely end. They could estimate the number of months but it could change. Not to sound pessimistic here but what if we won’t get back to normal? What if we are heading to a new normal? This could very well be the beginning of a new system of living especially for industries affected. Ready or not, this is what to expect:    


In the transport industry, it is the hardest hit. The sectors such as travel and tourism are dependent on this industry. The airlines are incurring losses worth millions and have laid off a high number of their workers. Most are seeking aid from their governments. A case study we can look at is Virgin Atlantic owned by both Branson’s Virgin Group and Delta Airlines which is doing everything they can to keep it afloat. Once the travel ban is lifted they won’t just go back to work as usual. Careful preparation needs to be made and assessed to avoid another wave of infections.       


Though they are allowing cargo flights, the supply of raw materials isn’t enough. This is due to the fact that most sectors like textile, motor, electronics depend on imports from China, Europe and the United States. The local market needs to fill this gap with quality products. Over time, more companies will rely on local productions and improve on their distribution system by use of technology.


The shortage of masks and ventilators has led to creative inventions by organizations and the youth. The role of robots will increase in the health sector which will bring down the cost of healthcare. This will also ease the pressure on health care workers and allow them to attend to other pressing issues. The education system will also have to include a home learning program in collaboration with the government, telecom services and digital learning platforms.

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