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What can you do on Fuzu?

Thousands of Jobs Matched to You

Quickly apply for jobs that are recommended to you based on your interests, experience, skills and career goals.

Hundreds of Free Online Courses

Learn and build skills by accessing our free online courses.

Build Your Career

Plan your next career step, be it your first job or your next big move.

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Stay up-to-date with fresh blog posts, news and lively discussions every day.

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  • All in One Software (E.A) Limited
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How are we different?

Fuzu is Much More Than a Job Board

Job boards are tiring! Fuzu offers you career planning tools, learning opportunities, discussions and much more to help you to progress in your life.

Personal Career Advice

We offer personal career advice every step of the way and provide access to professional coaches and instant feedback.

Stand Out From Others

Understand who you are, apply for just the right jobs and storm to your next career opportunity.

Use Fuzu Points

Earn and redeem Fuzu Points by being active and use them for accessing premium features.

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What our users say

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"I can't thank Fuzu enough! Just out of college, I landed my dream job at Microsoft! Fuzu's Facebook customer support was very supportive. Their blog and comments sections are heartening."Kevin Okerio
"Fuzu is very helpful when it comes to selection of jobs suiting your personality. This aspect landed me my current job as a Sales and Marketing Manager."Mercy Mukami
"I like the tone the process has taken and have confidence in Fuzu. They are doing something right and I cannot wait for when Fuzu takes over the industry."Salome Njoki
"As an employer, going with Fuzu is one of those decisions I should have made sooner. I have experienced candidates driven by the passion to excel."George Nyaswenta, MD,

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