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KEPSA logo
Location: Nairobi , Kenya
Employees: 20-50 people
Industry: Consulting, business support, auditing


The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) is a limited liability membership organisation registered in 2003 as the apex body of private sector in Kenya KEPSA is the private sector apex and umbrella body set up in 2003, to bring together business community in a single voice to engage and influence public policy for an enabling business environment. The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) is a limited liability membership organization. With current membership of over 500,000 direct and indirect members organised through Business Membership Organizations and Corporate members, KEPSA is a key player in championing the interests of the Kenyan business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. KEPSA’s Vision is to be a world class private sector apex body. The primary Mission is to ensure year- on- year improvement in the overall business environment for Kenya by working together with the Government and other stakeholders. The Mission is driven by the organization’s business strategy. The strategy’s main objective is the pursuit of an enabling business environment over the next five years by ensuring a year-on-year improvement in three key global business rankings: Ease of Doing Business Index (World Bank) Global Competitiveness Index (World Economic Forum) Bribery Index (Transparency International) KEPSA’s has played critical roles in business; economic and political reforms. Some of the KEPSA’s role in business reforms i.e. Public-Private Dialogues for business reforms (policy, legislative and institutional reforms) include: Presidential Round Tables (PRTs); Ministerial Stakeholder Forums (MSFs); Speaker’s Round Table: both Senate and National Assembly; Council of Governors Round Table; Chief Justice Forum; and, Attorney General’s forum. On the economic and political reforms, KEPSA has participated in the Economic Recovery Strategy (2003); Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS) (2006 – 2010); Vision 2030 & Medium Term Plans; Peace building initiatives particularly in the 2008 Post Election Violence through “Mkenya Daima” Campaign; Development of Constitution 2010; and, Engagement in the constitution implementation process


5th Floor, Shelter Afrique Building, Mamlaka Rd., Nairobi , Kenya