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Location: Kenya
Industry: Energy, utilities, environment

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Jobs in Energy, utilities, environment

Solar Energy Promoters-Kampala
d.light SOLAR / Kampala
Solar Energy Promoters-Mbarara
d.light SOLAR / Kampala
Solar Energy Promoters-Northern Uganda
d.light SOLAR / Custom location,
Solar Energy Promoters-Eastern Uganda
d.light SOLAR / Custom location,
Solar Energy Promoters-Fort Portal
d.light SOLAR / Custom location,

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About Pa

Pawame enables clean energy access to the vast majority of rural households in Africa. But that’s not all. We are committed to delivering more than just energy through “fit for purpose” solutions and services to these rural communities, helping to address their development needs. Aware that in Kenya nearly 8 million households live without access to the electricity grid, our team is eager to provide clean, safe and affordable solutions to the energy poor. We strongly believe energy is a fundamental prerequisite in order to develop communities living in Sub Saharan Africa by encouraging gender equality, independence, education, micro entrepreneurship and local prosperity; All as a result of electricity provision after the hours of sunset.