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Company size500-1000 people

Our companies Ngao Credit, a non-bank MFI in the process of digitization. We aim to review our existing products and target new markets with solutions that will be developed on to a system that provides an end to end digital platform for lending services. Upesi Limited, a money transfer company, Licensed in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and UK. We already operate as a fully digitized fintech and are looking to scale our business across the world launching in 9 countries within 3 years. Switchlink Africa, a payments company seeking to deliver payment solutions for SME's across Africa. Currently testing our product in the market we need to ensure our strategy is sound and clearly mapped. Lucent Insurance Brokers - insurance broker that is currently building its technology to serve the market with innovative products and services. Tracking Hub Limited - an asset tracking company that will provide innovative products for the market.

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