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Want to Stand Out at Job Interviews in 2023? These are the Questions to Ask a Recruiter

Wondering what questions to ask a recruiter in your next interview? Here are 10 questions that will make you stand out from the rest in 2023.

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Wondering what questions to ask a recruiter in your next interview? Here are 10 questions that will make you stand out from the rest in 2023.


There are things that a recruiter knows that you don’t. Recruiters are always ready to share these things if you dared to ask during an interview. Remember, recruiters will ask you questions to decide whether you are fit for the job at hand. When it’s your turn to ask the recruiter questions, you want to know whether the company is the right fit for you. But not all questions make the cut, asking the right ones will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Here are the questions to ask a recruiter that will get you to the next stage of the interview;

“Could you explain the job in your own words?”

If you want to more about the position in terms of roles and responsibilities and what kind of person they are looking for, go for this question. It gives you more clarity on what the position entails. You will get more information about the role that the job advert might have missed out on. Do not be afraid to put the recruiter on the spot. If they get these answers right, you’ll be able to understand the role better. Vague answers could also highlight red flags of the job.

“Why is the position open?”

You might want to know why the position is available. I mean it's great that it's available, but the background story as to why it's open at that time is key. Did they just fire someone? Are they restructuring? Is the company expanding and needs more people? When it comes to interviews, curiosity will not kill you but save you. Some companies have a high rate of employee turnover. Find out how long the person in that position before held that job. You do not want to take on a position you won’t be staying in for long.

“Have you tried to fill in this position internally?”

Many candidates have been disappointed after a series of interviews only to find out that the position was filled internally. Before you brace yourself for such news, ask the recruiter whether the position is open for both internal and external candidates or not. What is their preference when it comes to selection? Asking the recruiter these questions will help you know your kind of competition. 

“What are the KPIs of this role?”

Understanding one’s key performance indicators for the role in question could save you a lot of guesswork. Recruiters want candidates who are result oriented and driven.  It's essential to understand the measuring criteria of performance in a position before you take it on. This prepares you ahead of time and gives you a clear direction as you handle the different responsibilities at hand.  Recruiters are intrigued by candidates who go further in the job interview. Asking for in-depth clarity on a role will show interest and willingness to work. 

“What are the core values of the company?”

Core values are the pillars of any company. These will inform you of the company’s culture and strategy, what is the team like? What do they value? For instance, religious-founded organisations will clearly show their affiliations in the core values. This will help you make an informed decision or know what else to ask. 

“What is the company’s short-term goal for this year?”

You are probably wondering why not ask about the long-term goals. It is vital that you are able to visualise the near future of that company. Their short-term goals will give more insight into what the next three-six months of your employment might look like. Do you want to be part of these short-term goals? 

“Why did someone leave this role?”

Recruiters want to know why you want to leave your company, turn the tables around on them and find out why the person holding that position left. Were they promoted? If yes, thumbs up-there is a future of career advancement there. But if they just left due to bad working conditions, this should give you a lot to think about. 

Focus on how the employer talks about the former employee: are they appreciating them for a good job done or just sharing their mistakes with you? Do not ignore the red flags you see in a job interview. 

“What kind of responsibilities can be gained in this role over time?”

More responsibilities in a role present more opportunities to learn and gain more experience. When the hiring manager gets a hint that a candidate is interested in learning and taking on more responsibilities, it's the green light for the candidate to be hired. Let the recruiters know that you can do more than the listed roles and responsibilities.

“Have you tried to fill in this position internally?”

This question not only shows off your strengths as a problem solver but will help you know how best to direct your efforts in the role in case you are to take on the position. 


“Do you have any questions for me?”  - Always look forward to this question. After scoring As in your interview responses, step up your performance by preparing the right questions to ask a recruiter. 


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