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5 Referral Strategies That Will Help You Get More Referrals from Your Clients Without Sounding Pushy

Are you looking to get more referrals from your clients? It just got easier. These 5 referral strategies will get you started.

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Are you looking to get more referrals from your clients? It just got easier. These 5 referral strategies will get you started.


Every business owner’s dream is to hear these words, “Someone recommended me to you,” “I have been told you have good services”, or “Your rating is commendable”. Your existing clients have the power to build or break your business, this means that the main ingredient to more referrals while keeping other factors constant, is customer satisfaction

Here are 5 referral strategies that will make your clients praise you in their walkways and help you get more referrals from their networks.

1. Utilize social media

In this era, if you are a business person who is keeping away from social media, you are keeping away from your future. The Global social media statistics found that the average time a person spends on social media is 2 hours and 17 minutes daily. So when you make yourself easy to market, then your clients will easily get you more referrals. 

Additionally, use your social media to share your client's feedback and testimonials on your products or services. People will easily trust a client who has used your service. Some business owners and sales representatives only want to share good reviews, I would want to disagree. There is no perfection in business, therefore, sharing the bad reviews with attached solutions -t shows honesty. Your potential clients need to trust you. As they say, bad reviews and disgruntled customers always teach the best lessons. 

2. Go overboard

I am that person who wants to buy a car and then get free fuel for it. Let me buy your make-up kit and get a free face beat. It makes me happy. I am not asking you to be Santa, but you need to make your clients feel valued. Going an extra mile for your clients will always get you more referrals without much hustle. 

In other words, have a wow factor. Wow! You need to be able to get such a reaction from your client after getting the work done. If you are looking to get more referrals from your clients, please go the extra mile, this will easily push them to tell other potential clients about your services and products. 

3. Customer loyalty rewards

Am I the only one who likes incentives? Customers are big on rewards. When you incentivize your referral program, you encourage your customers to get you more referrals. It is a give-and-take game in business. Do not expect your clients to always bring you referrals without a reward. These are not your sales representatives. If I get you more than two clients, I should get a commission, right? Put in place rewards for customers who recommend your services or products to others, offer discounts, free products, and much more as you choose.

Did you know that Fuzu gives its first-time users a reward for being active? These can be redeemable on their premium features. 

4. Offer after-sale services

For companies and businesses, after-sale services will positively affect your branding and marketability leading to repeat sales and attracting new sales. These can include help desk and technical support services, warranties on products, technical repairs in a given period, free installations, and free transport to mention but a few. Customers always will always talk about such benefits that come with getting your products or services in their networks.

5. Flexible payments schedules

Do not be a hard nut to crack. Be flexible. 

“We only accept PayPal”

“You know mobile money works for us”

“I wish you could use a visa card”

The more selective you get with clients, the fewer referrals you are likely to get. Accordingly, if you want to change the game, let your clients skip the inconvenience when paying for either your services or products. Clients will always get you more referrals because of the swiftness of your services. 

Time is money, no one wants to lose either. So get on board with technology and incorporate different means of getting payments from clients if you want to get more referrals. Have the visa payment option, allow cash (limit amount for security purposes), encourage direct transfers, and so on, depending on your clientele’s demands. 

When it comes to clients' referral strategies, the methods of applying them are likely to differ from one business to another. But the principles are all the same. 


Tips on how to apply referral strategies in your business:


  • Understand your customer

This involves knowing their purchasing power, frequency of purchase, their tastes, and preferences. By doing this you’ll be able to know the kind of rewards you give clients when they refer more customers to you. 

  • Know your financial strength

As you apply these referral strategies, it is important to budget for them. This will help you avoid sudden unplanned costs and even debts in your business. Thus, do what you can afford.

  • Make use of the season

For example, “Refer a friend and get a free pedicure for both of you this Christmas season” - Legacy Unisex Salon

In the business world, seasons are very critical in forming your decisions; Consequently, understanding the season and tailoring your referral strategies accordingly will help you get better methods to apply them. 

"The key is when a customer walks away, thinking, 'Wow, I love doing business with them, and I want to tell others about the experience.'" - Shep Hyken - Connor J. Wilson

Written by

Mercy Mukisa

Hey there, I'm Mercy Mukisa, a Senior HR Officer writing to you from the lively heart of Uganda. Writing is my way of contributing to the professional community, grounded in the belief that knowledge is the key to empowerment. In the dynamic field of HR, I'm not just a participant; I see it as a privilege to share the insights and experiences gathered along the way. It's not just about the job; it's a commitment to enhancing your professional journey. So, let's navigate through the pages of my articles together, aiming for a balanced and insightful exploration of empowerment and growth.

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