10 Questions To Ask During Networking

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Finding the right words as well as asking the right questions when networking is essential.

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Have you ever almost had a melt down after an argument because you could have used better words to argue your case out? Well, you can avoid such a situation when networking with professionals by preparing to have meaningful and thoughtful conversations.

Imagine you have just met a group of professionals in a meet-and-greet, and then you end up conversing in a language that is static and superficial. Chances are when you retire to bed and have a recollection; you will end up feeling awful to the very pit of your stomach. Finding the right words as well as asking the right questions when networking is essential. According to LinkedIn global survey results, almost 80 percent of professionals consider professional networking to be crucial to career success.

Additionally, data shows professionals agree on the value of networking, but more than one-third struggle with knowing what to say when connecting. So here are the questions to spark conversation in a language that bristles with newness and active contemplation;

1.      How did you get into this field?

2.      What has your career path been like to date? Is it representative of most people in this kind of position?

3.      If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself?

4.      What kind of supervision did you have when you were starting? Now?

5.      What advice would you have liked to have heard when you were starting?

6.      What do you enjoy the most about your job? The least?

7.      What skills have you found essential for success in this occupation?

8.      Could you tell me about one of the main challenges you face in this position?

9.      What is on your reading list?

10.   What is your favorite thing to do?

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