5 reasons you might love working in the government

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Work in the civil service has a broad range of benefits.

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How does the youth secure themselves a good job within the ever-changing job market? It might be time to consider a job within the government. Here are 5 reasons why millennials should consider a career in the government:

1.Job security

In an era when retrenchments are common in the private sector, a job in the government offers unparalleled security. A recent graduate from the university might start out as an intern and raise up the ranks with time. With a broad array of experiences, a job within the government’s public sector could not only improve one’s exposure to interesting aspects of one’s career but would also put one's skill set to good use. 

2.Work-life balance

It is often said that jobs within the private sector are high-pressure. With tight deadlines and difficult working environments, the private sector is known for its high-stress work. For a young professional looking to nature their career without having to sacrifice their peace of mind, a career in the government offers the best of both worlds.

3. Work benefits and perks

Work in the civil service has a broad range of benefits. With a career in the government, pension and retirement benefits are among the key motivating factors that make working within the government worth your while. As a recent graduate it is important to consider your retirement and raking up all the benefits even 20 years before retirement could help you accumulate quite the lump some when retirement comes knocking on your door.

Some attractive perks offered within civil service jobs include a medical cover for you and your family, mileage claim should your job involve a lot of travel. House allowances, travel allowances, commuter allowance, and annual leave allowance also make the pay package quite enticing for those in civil service.

4.Flexible hours

Civil servants have well scheduled days, and often work from 8.30am to 5 pm. Long nights in the office to meet a deadline or working weekends are not the norm. For a young professional looking to enjoy their time with friends and family during their off-time, flexi-hours is a great perk to any job. As a recent graduate, your free time could be useful in establishing a side-hustle or even strengthening relationships.

5.Contribute to nation building

The youth are often touted as the “leaders of tomorrow,” however with a job within the civil service, it could be the youth’s opportunity to meaningfully contribute to nation building. With various positions open to the youth, graduates could make strides in various fields including manufacturing, medical engineering, and even agricultural sector.

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    Robert | March 08, 2019 10:31

    Dear Support Services, I have been a keen subscriber to FUZU for some time by e mail and LinkedIn. I regularly find roles in Uganda that fit my skill set. The roles offered are advanced engineering skills and experience which I possess. Having worked extensively across Africa including Uganda and Kenya, I am aware of the challenges that politics and corruption present. The fact that roles that require extensive knowledge and qualification cannot be found within the country, it is necessary to find them externally. Why is the requirement for these roles be 'someone who lives in Uganda' ? I would be glad to live in Uganda, especially knowing my wife is Ugandan. You may be as perplexed as I am, but please provide me with a solution, if you can. Kind regards, Robert John. MSc, MIFireE, NDipSAM, CMIOSH.

    sarah | March 05, 2019 12:13

    Trust in God bse He is above everything n the good thing you have got your papers and please never give up Mister.

    KAWOOYA | March 05, 2019 10:04


    Boke | February 19, 2019 06:04

    Somebody to advice me plz! I have done a cert. And dip. In social development, community development and social work, am 41 yes old with two boys sec school but still working as a security officer, I have applied for jobs severally but in vein, when will secure good job good pay that can enable me and my kids advance education!!??? Plz advice what to do?!!

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