3 brilliant ways to disguise employment gaps in your resume

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An employment gap in your resume does not mean that you are not a desirable candidate. Act professionally and always be confident in your abilities.

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Let's admit it- life can at times be complicated. Today, you could be the cock of the walk, but tomorrow the feather duster. This could happen to even the best of the best. That is why having an inconsistent work history is normal. It could be that you took a break to raise your family, overcome a health condition, care for an ailing friend or relative, or you were unable to find a new job. The inconsistencies do not bode well with recruiters especially when you are desperately trying to get a new job unless you address the employment gaps in the following ways:

Use a Functional Resume

Ordinarily, most resumes have a format that requires you to list down your work history chronologically. That is not the case with a functional resume. A functional resume emphasizes your skills over chronology. This is to say that it focuses on your skills and expertise. This can be done by designating a skills section on your resume where you show specific accomplishments. The display of achievements is used to highlight the skills and expertise that you got.

Your Employment Gap Story

If you choose to use a format other than the functional resume one, then you will need to explain the reason for your employment gap. This can be explained in your cover letter with something called a summary paragraph. In the summary paragraph, you will give a brief explanation of the noticeable employment gap. This is where you tell your own story. Remember, a recruiter can tell when your story seems a little fishy, so you should be as honest as you possibly can.

Grouping Together

It could be that during your employment gap, you did freelance jobs or other temporary jobs. Try grouping these together to show that you were active even though you were out of a job. Grouping the jobs together will also help in emphasizing the skills that you acquired, in addition to those that you already had.

Overall, an employment gap in your resume does not mean that you are not a desirable candidate. Act professionally and always be confident in your abilities.


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    kevin | November 18, 2019 17:32

    What about if you not doing work which do not match the one you are applying for in skills

    Saitakwet | November 07, 2019 20:12

    God change my live

    Saitakwet | November 07, 2019 15:34

    God help my live!

    Dipak | October 30, 2019 09:37

    Employment Gap can be use to analyze our previous job to take ourselves to next version.

    HENRY | October 25, 2019 13:34

    A gap sometimes is as a result of a break someone gives themselves especially when they feel out of place or not going nowhere in the organization they are working for

    Hellen | October 23, 2019 09:50

    It is true that some recruiters or potential employers view gaps in a CV negatively. The tips provided here are useful in packaging one so that they have CVs that attract potential recruiters and employers.

    Saitakwet | October 21, 2019 13:47

    Clear For this post

    Masaba | October 19, 2019 21:48

    Truth foresaid my dear

    AFAYO NELSON | October 19, 2019 12:34

    Thanks its a great pleasure

    James | October 19, 2019 12:03

    Thanks. Great article.

    Jimmy | October 19, 2019 09:33

    This is a good approach; I think an employer who wants to hire honest staff will not hesitate to consider such a candidate.


    Fuzu | October 22, 2019 07:59

    Well said Jimmy!

    Nakisisa | October 18, 2019 06:57

    It clears doubt on the side of the recruiter if you disclose the employment gap.

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