Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Identity theft and how to protect yourself.

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Identity theft is a problem that affects most people online. It is becoming a rampant cybercrime, and it is crucial to learn how to protect yourself using these guidelines.

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Protecting yourself while on the internet is necessary for everyone in the cyber age. One of the reasons we do our level best to protect our data is to avoid cybersecurity issues such as identity theft. 

What is identity theft?

Identity theft refers to a cybersecurity fraud where an individual’s information and financial data are illegally obtained and used for financial gain. In simpler terms, identity theft is how your information can be stolen online by a hacker and used to steal from you by undertaking online transactions as if you are the one undertaking them. Once your personal and financial data has been stolen, the hacker could undertake various transactions, including banking, online shopping, access medical insurance and other things that you can undertake online. 

One of the most common frauds after identity theft is applying for a credit card and taking loans. The issue of identity theft is becoming rampant, and as a result, it is important to protect yourself. 

How do you protect yourself from identity theft?

In order to protect yourself from cybersecurity, you need to learn how to protect yourself. After all, better safe than sorry. 

  • You should use secure passwords and schedule to update them regularly. Furthermore, it is important to note that devices such as smartphones should be secure. In case of loss of such devices, it is important to undertake the recommended procedure when dealing with lost devices

  • You should also learn to stay away from suspicious and shady websites. Here, the rule of thumb is always to remember that links that promise to provide easy winning are a red flag! Most of these websites usually ask you to enter your credentials, which is then used in identity theft.

  • Do not give personal information online when on forums and visiting new websites. Also, take time to confirm the website addresses while browsing to avoid phishing and spoofing attacks. 

What are the signs of identity theft?

The worst thing about identity theft is that most people never know it has happened until it is too late. Therefore, you should learn to recognize signs of identity theft at early stages in case your protection measures have been compromised. Here are the signs you should be on the lookout to know if your personal data has been compromised and a potential identity theft case. 

  • When your credit score goes low, yet you have not taken any loans or payments of your existing loans are acceptable.

  • You get unfamiliar charges on your credit card financial statement. 

  • When you no longer receive email updates that you usually receive. This is a potential red flag that someone else is receiving your emails.


In conclusion, identity theft is a problem that affects most people online. It is becoming a rampant cybercrime, and it is crucial to learn how to protect yourself using the guidelines given above. 

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