Four Things to Help You Deal with Job Loss this year.

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Even though you have lost your position at the company you were working in, you now have more experience.

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Losing your job is never easy. You will likely feel stressed, confused and even depressed after receiving news that your company no longer has a spot for you. Your confidence might drop and you might not feel like doing anything but lie in your bed all day long. Job loss can feel less worrying when you follow these four tips:

Feel  the emotions that come with the job loss

You will feel sad, defeated, scared and disappointed in the period after being told you do not have a job anymore. In fact, losing your job is the same as when a person close to you dies or a relationship you have put time and effort in comes to an end. Do not feel that you have to ignore these bad feelings. For instance, if you want to cry go ahead and do it without feeling ashamed.  You are human. You need time to heal from these traumatic events.

Find good people to support you during this tough time

You might need some time to yourself while dealing with the loss of a job but try not to separate yourself from everyone. Family and friends can be very helpful during this time. For example, call a friend and have coffee, go visit your parents or spend time with your partner. When you surround yourself with positive supportive people, you will find yourself feeling less depressed about your situation. You will also be more focused and hopeful as you look for the next job.

Re-think your career options

Even though you have lost your position at the company you were working in, you now have more experience. So update your CV and think about looking for jobs in a different industry or level that you would not have thought of before. For example, in your previous position, you were a marketing manager but you also learned graphic design skills or public relations. As you are looking for a new job, send out your CV to public relations or media companies.  Really think about what interests you and your life experience and see where your new skills can take you.

Sign up with a professional recruitment agency

Reach out to staffing agencies that specialize in your industry to find out the open positions that might be available. For instance,  if you were an engineer, the recruiter can set you up with a temporary, contract job in a manufacturing company that might translate into a permanent job. Having some type of work to do, even if it is an internship or a contract job can help to reduce some of the stress that comes with unemployment. Losing a job is difficult and can take away your motivation but the four strategies above might help you bounce back to your normal self, hopefully with a new position.



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