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Fuzu Afterwork Connect - week of 20th January.

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Attending professional events is critical to your business and career. You get to network and meet interesting people who can mentor and help you grow, learn new skills or secure exciting new opportunities. But we know how tough it is to find interesting events happening around you and picking which one to attend.

We at Fuzu make it easy with our new Blog Series - Afterwork Connect! Every Monday we highlight 4-5 events that we believe are worth your time. Be sure to check in every Monday and if you know of any exciting professional event coming up that you think should be featured, let us know in the comments below!


UNLOCKING SURPLUS; For Your Life and Business – 23/01/2020
PassionProfit Brands supports small and growing business owners to produce, package and promote their products and services in order to increase their independence, influence, impact and income. In partnership with SBM Bank and SME Founders Association, they are bringing you SME conversation an event to be held at SBM Bank, Kilimani Branch, Adlife Plaza, Ring Road Kilimani, Nairobi. Need to learn how to unlock surplus, this event is made for you.
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How is your public speaking skills? Do you find it difficult expressing your ideas to others? Do you panic when asked to speak on occasions? Well, Charlie and Kagemi bring you an event to learn how to become more confident and to overcome nervousness so that you can speak with influence, authority and persuade with power. The event will be held at Kate's Apartments, 48 School Lane, Nairobi. Its time to grow your confidence.
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Crypto and Blockchain in Kenya's Economy  (Nakuru) – 25/01/2020
OKEx Talks in partnership with CryptoCurrency Academy are inviting you to a blockchain event to learn more about the key role and play of cryptocurrency in our economy. The event to be held at The Legacy Hotel & Suites, Maralal Road Mburu Gichua Road, Nakuru on 25th January 2020 will provide you with an opportunity to open a blockchain account and earn a discount.
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Start Your Business Insights; January 2020 – 25/01/2020
Bridging from employment to starting your own business is usually one of the difficult situations to handle. Filled with questions on how to financially sustain yourself, fear of failure and which opportunities to take are the most common challenges you face. Need to learn about your financial status, creative thinking, idea developing and testing, business creation and validation this event is appropriate for you. The event will be held at @iBizAfrica Keri Road, Nairobi.
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Electronic Evidence & Emerging Technologies in Uganda – 24/01/2020
With the technology taking over all markets of work, learning about emerging technologies and their impact on electronic Evidence for courts is of great essence. The Lawyers Hub in partnership with the East Africa Law Society and the Innovation Village in Kampala presents a one-day training on Electronic evidence and it's nexus with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The event will be held at The innovation village Ntinda, Kampala.
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Workshop for Building, Deploying and securing the Internet of Things solutions - 25/01/2020
The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Internet of Things (IoT) brings you a workshop to learn more about their IoT architecture, IoT applications and analytical systems. The event will be held at Kansanga, plot 44 Ggabba Road, Kampala, Central Region, Uganda.
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    Dalton | January 23, 2020 20:44

    The events are highly motivated but againest my professional assistance please group members

    James | January 23, 2020 11:29

    Good job fuzu....... I am really interested

    Innocent | January 23, 2020 06:39

    I like the page its too good

    Wyson Muchiwa | January 22, 2020 19:02

    They are good but distance matters I can't manage to attend I am from Malawi, but what I would like to ask is keep on update on us so that we can learn through this page and gain some knowledge!

    Teresiah | January 22, 2020 12:30


    Sara | January 22, 2020 10:42


    Michael | January 22, 2020 07:24

    You once gave me an appointment unfortunately the distance was an obstacle,great job you are doing, thanks alot for the appointment.

    Jonam | January 21, 2020 09:14

    I like the events but they are not within my reach

    Nyagaka | January 20, 2020 20:46

    They are good but held where am unable to atend since am in Eldoret.

    Elieza kasyoki | January 20, 2020 10:34

    I like it all from you

    David | January 20, 2020 08:01

    The article l have read boost my knowledge in economy and technology.

    Wanyera | January 19, 2020 14:57


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