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How Skills2Grow program helped kick-start my career : Annette Adhiambo.

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I have been able to acquire and improve on my soft skills which are critical for starting out your career in the job market as a young graduate. 

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Having graduated with a degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management from a reputable university known for producing the best in that field, I could not understand why finding a job was proving to be a challenge. A friend recommended I should try using Fuzu platform, and that is where I discovered the Skills2Grow Career Start Accelerator Program offered by Yusudi. I immediately applied for it and was excited when I got an invitation for an interview and shortly afterwards I was accepted to start the program.

Through the Skills2Grow program, I have been able to acquire and improve on my soft skills which are critical for starting out your career in the job market as a young graduate.The program has helped me grow professionally in three key areas namely; pitching, networking and interview skills. 

My current job requires that I engage with many people and be able to prospect for clients. Through the product pitching and networking aspect of the Skills2Grow program, I was able to practice these skills on a continuous basis while in training. In addition, the mock interview I went through during the Skills2Grow Program presented a perfect opportunity to learn how to carry myself and answer questions during an interview.

Upon completion of the training, I was placed by Yusudi at Bob’s Fireplaces for a paid internship. My internship has enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and interact with many people from different industries. I have been able to forge new relationships with clients that we will work with in the future.


You too can take part in the Skills2Grow Career Start Accelerator Program, apply here!

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    HENRY | September 22, 2019 02:13

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    Kennedy | September 19, 2019 13:04

    Great compliments, all the best

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    Eng.Caleb junior | September 17, 2019 18:52

    Good one ,wish you more success

    Josephy | September 16, 2019 22:03

    Kkk Ok Ithink Is Possible

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