How to bounce back your business from the crisis

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Use this time as a creative process to evolve, come up with new concepts and engage towards the growth of your business.

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It is during a crisis that we are able to see the traits of a true leader whether in a country or company. We’ve all seen and heard the pandemic’s impact in the economy and businesses. The curfews and lockdowns have led to a standstill. You are probably wondering what you could have done different to be well prepared for it. How will your business recover? What next? The good news is you still have time. The real question is, how will you use it? Here are some things to consider: 

Emergency Crisis Fund

Many companies especially small medium enterprises (SME’s) have been affected the most by the pandemic. It is important to be prepared for any crisis. As part of the crisis response plan, having a crisis fund acts as a cushion which helps the business from sinking. Think about it, your business would have some sort of fireproof plan. Now, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t get burnt but rather withstand the heat.

Improving Systems

A good way to improve the systems is through digitizing. One example of such a company is Amazon. It uses machines which works continually for 24hrs making it more automated. This means less man power, right? Not really. It still needs more employers such as customer service, distribution and packaging. It also has other branches so the same applies there. With a lot of people working from home, it would be wise to use technology to your advantage.

Use Creativity

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What this means is that knowledge can limit you from becoming something greater. Working through your imagination/ideas gives you a deeper understanding of your capabilities. This requires you to face your fears, doubts and take the risk. Use this time as a creative process to evolve, come up with new concepts and engage towards the growth of your business. I know it is easier said than done but wouldn’t it be worth it? (PS: Don’t forget to have fun with it too.)

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    Nice one.

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    It's really good to hear

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    I really like the motivations

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