Overcoming Deadline Procrastination

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Working on a schedule of a well-laid plan creates impulse on effective work delivery.

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We are often trapped on requiring more time to deliver certain project on time. We then tap in a verge of confusion letting fallacy take over what we could have achieved in the short term. As illustrated in the Journal of Consumer Research, the current study shows that procrastination which in most cases is habitual produces unintended negative results due to longer deadlines. Longer deadlines delay us in achieving impeccable goals and discussed below are points which will grant you the anticipation to beat your deadlines.

Brake down the project

Time management is key for any project delivery. Working on a schedule of a well-laid plan creates impulse on effective work delivery. The time frame for activities helps one in prioritization, therefore, if a project is due shortly, more urgency will be needed. Through a clear sense of aim, one can accomplish long term and short term goals.

Don’t overcommit on delivery

Time is fair to everyone but we often fail when we overcommit on delivering our work. Overcommitting may cause uncertainty which affects our results. When given a time frame for a task, negotiate for the time which would work best for you to deliver the best. You need to also have a ‘whatever it takes mentality’ when working on tight schedules; burn the midnight oil and deliver good and fair results if you have to.

Work on a buffer
Procrastination is often caused by external factors we indulge ourselves into, especially in the working environment. For example, working close to a construction site. Some task needs concentration for ideation. Quiet places often provide favourable working environments. Buffer helps you find comfort, work efficiently, concentrate and deliver inimitable results.

Create synergy for yourself
Personal energy is found in us and is ideal for effective delivery work delivery. Your will-power to deliver good results requires your mind and body commitment. Personal evaluation on how to work best is required and for that personal energy is imitable.


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    Jackqueen | October 08, 2019 05:58

    Procrastination is a deadly disease for one goal, thank you for the information

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