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Get to network and meet interesting people who can mentor and help you grow.

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Fuzu Afterwork connect - week of 17th June.

Attending professional events is critical to your business and career. You get to network and meet interesting people who can mentor and help you grow, learn new skills or secure exciting new opportunities. But we know how tough it is to find interesting events happening around you and picking which one to attend.

We at Fuzu make it easy with our new Blog Series - Afterwork Connect! Every Monday we highlight 4-5 events that we believe are worth your time. Be sure to check in every Monday and if you know of any exciting professional event coming up that you think should be featured, let us know if the comments below!


Money, Mindset & Entrepreneurship - 18/06/2019

Danielle Anderson, a renowned Business Coach, will be hosting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to be at the Metta on 18th June for the Money, Mindset & Entrepreneurship session. This session is meant to help you plan your finances when starting a new venture and how to figure out your pricing and sales to ensure you run a sustainable business.

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Customer Engagement Masterclass – 20/06/2019

Do you want to understand and learn how to engage your customers better? If yes, this is a ‘must attend’ for you. The masterclass which will be held on 20th June at Growth Africa offices will be covering various topics including: - customer acquisition, identifying customer needs, customer retention and many more.

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#NextGenTech “Cyber Security for small business” 20/06/2019

This edition of #NextGenTech will be tackling cyber security for small businesses. Cullulant and Moringa School have partnered with ALX to host entrepreneurs, business people and IT specialists on 20th June to sensitize them on security measures in order to safeguard their businesses.

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Finnovation Kenya 18/6/2019

The Finnovation Kenya event is where all the disruptors in the FinTech market will be converging on 18th June at Radisson Blu Hotel. Themed "FinTech and the Positive Transformation of Banking in Africa", this events aims to come up with solutions for the challenges facing the progress of FinTeh.

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Africa Internet Summit 9 - 21/6/2019

The annual Africa Internet Summit has been going on since 9th June and will end on 21st June and I staking place at Sheraton Kampala Hotel. The event brings together business and ICT stakeholders to discuss topics that cut across mobile networking, applications, cybersecurity, cyber laws, Internet governance etc.

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