What is business coaching and why do you need it?

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Businesses need regular coaching so that they can maintain an upward trajectory.

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The reason cars are taken for service is because even if they might not be stalling, they need to be re-oiled and have some things tightened to ensure efficiency and longevity. Cars that only go for service once there are technical hitches don’t take long before being grounded.

The same applies for businesses; they need regular coaching so that they can maintain an upward trajectory.

Business coaching means employing the services of a certified business mentor or instructor who evaluates the health and status of the business. They also work with the employees of the business and ensure that there is synergy and flow. They then make recommendations and foster systems that will help the business operate at optimum levels as a well-oiled machine.

Social Media Strategy Consultant, Janet Machuka defines business coaching as, “Giving employees, employers and entrepreneurs a chance to be equipped with knowledge, tools and skills that can help them identify issues and plan for performance improvement in the presence of an expert who is known as a business coach.”

In her article Janet interviews Colleen Qvist, a South African certified Business Coach, and highlights the importance of coaching for businesses.

They focus on the following key points:

  1. Why is coaching vital in the workplaces?

  2. What exactly does a business coach do and how can a person become one?

  3. Is coaching a waste of time?

  4. How can SMEs leverage on business coaching?

Learn more from Colleen Qvist here.

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    Teddy brown | September 08, 2020 19:05

    That is good lesson

    Sanudi | September 08, 2020 02:39

    Business coaching is important in business.

    INNOCENT | September 02, 2020 03:48

    I am hearing about business coaching for the first. It is any eye opener!!!

    Wataka | August 29, 2020 15:32

    That is good lesson me keep up

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