Why recruiters are turning down your applications: Part 1 – The look and feel.

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First impressions count, especially when it’s about your CV.

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First impressions count, especially when it’s about your CV. A poorly formatted CVs turn off recruiters and could put you at a disadvantage. A recruiter should be able to quickly see the value in hiring you the first time they scan through your CV. The structure of your CV should be easy to navigate and read.

However, as you try to make your design and structure unique and attractive, do not overdo it by taking pain to make it so fancy. But if you are applying for a job as a graphics designer, you may make the design of your application fancy.

Here’s how to avoid your enthusiasm from being turned to frustrations.

  1. Incomplete applications: Normally, recruiters want to see a complete application which includes cover letter, curriculum vitae and necessary documents. In a case where an applicant’s submission is incomplete, it may be tossed away.
  2. Poor first impression: This one applies where a photo is attached on the first page of the application. Recruiters may be too busy to go through the mountain of applications they receive, and therefore use first impression to winnow out applications and remain with only a few which will be looked into further. The appearance (branding) on the photo will either get you to the next stage or kick you out. If a chance shows up to meet the recruiter in person, take it. Face to face conversation as you drop your application may help you leave a good first impression, in terms of grooming and confidence.
  3. Poor design and structure: Compressed writings with squeezed spacing, coupled with huge paragraphs that are sprinkled with run-ons, make it boring and difficult to read. What font have you chosen? Is your spacing okay? Is your design and structure attention-arresting; wheedling its way into the recruiter to drop other works and read through? A rough and tumble design/structure may make the recruiter turn down your application. Format your application well.
  4. Grammar: Simple grammar mistakes make you lose credibility, and a recruiter may turn down your application solely for this reason. Grammatical errors? What an asinine way to send out your application!  
  5. Failure to mention the job reference: Huge companies have many departments, so it is important you mention the job reference. Recruiters don’t prefer reading through to figure the job you have desired.
  6. Poor addressing: Job applications are formal. If you address them casually, your request may be turned down. For instance starting off your paragraph this way: "Hi there". That tone is casual.
  7. First paragraph not appealing enough: When applications received are too many, recruiters may not have time to go through the entire application. The solution is to win in your first paragraph (cover letter).
  8. Unoriginal applications: Should the recruiter realize at any point that your application is borrowed or has discrepancies, they will shove it without thinking twice
  9. Demanding more than you deserve: If you demand for more than you deserve or more than what was mentioned in the job adverts, chances are that the recruiter will turn down your application. 

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