Would a four-day work week make you productive?

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With a great expectation for changes in the working environment in 2020, you would agree with me that a four days-work week or a 6-hour workday would be the most thrilling news any country would declare. 

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It’s 2020 and we are welcoming another decade. With a great expectation for changes in the working environment, you would agree with me that a four days-work week or a 6-hour workday would be the most thrilling news any country would declare. 

Finland’s new Prime Minister Sanna Marin is proposing a four day work week or a six-hour workday after her installation. The Nordic country is not of surprise in implementing better work-life balance for her citizens following a prior passage of a law in 1996 that employees could adjust their hours up to three hours earlier or later than what the employer required.

Perpetual Guardian and ICE Group in New Zealand and Ireland respectively are some of the few companies in the world who put this on experiment and worked. Microsoft Japan implemented a four-day working week and recorded a 40% productivity increase from its employees a prove that this policy works.
Different factors can contribute to a better work-life balance and increased work productivity. Here is the question, what are your thoughts on this policy? Do you feel if certain policies were implemented in the country and at work, we would have better productivity?

Please share your opinions and suggestions that can work best for a better work-life balance and work productivity if implemented.


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    OYIRWOTH | January 17, 2020 11:51

    i agree.

    Gilbert | January 16, 2020 20:31

    It is a good idea in developed countries and not in developing countries

    Washingtone Ochieng Ouma | January 15, 2020 16:26

    It's good idea for that.

    Oscar | January 12, 2020 09:33

    I fully support the idea

    KISUYA | January 12, 2020 07:57

    It's such a good idea

    Suleiman | January 11, 2020 18:53

    It's the best Cox the one iwas working before was four and half that safaricom employess.I was there for 7 years the idea of that is superb, it will create passion which ends for both parties to benefit( employee and employer) and also much more benefit which is the work for HR.

    Mukubura quraish | January 11, 2020 15:30

    I need ajob it is my best option as now

    Kusiima | January 11, 2020 14:57

    Absolutely 100% in support .of this idea.Iam a food chemist in kampala uganda....

    Felistus | January 11, 2020 11:19

    It's a good idea

    Olowo | January 11, 2020 11:15

    I strongly support it

    Thomas | January 11, 2020 08:20

    I fully support the idea , but it depends on the amount of money you receive n how the bosses treats you

    Abdulkarim | January 11, 2020 08:10

    Alhamdhulilah.. Its a good idea

    Winnivellah | January 10, 2020 18:31

    It's a good suggestion if tried in Kenya

    Vincent | January 10, 2020 17:02

    I fully support this idea.

    Gloria | January 10, 2020 14:00

    A good suggestion in deed

    HELLEN | January 10, 2020 12:53

    This will be good

    erima | January 10, 2020 11:38

    why do we work four days yet we are the poorest continent. This idea is good for other continents

    Nuwagira | January 10, 2020 04:46

    It would be the best idea but the labour laws of Uganda can't accept it. May they first worldwide Deus Uganda

    Philip | January 10, 2020 04:26

    It's a good idea I wish should be embraced. Therefore in case where the work will go on for a full week then anything beyond six hours a day and 4 days a week should be considered paid overtime. This will work and thus will increase productivity given the employees are motivated and not so much stressed by what it will be comfortable work environment.

    Noel | January 09, 2020 20:58

    This is such a brilliant idea,at least the workaholic schedule that we have can reduce and make us also enjoy our social lives.Most of us are tacked away in offices for most part of the day and with very few resting minutes. With the reduced hours and reduced number of working days, we'll have enough time to bond with family and also run our other home chores and some personal projects.

    Isaac | January 09, 2020 19:46

    I as Isaac would wish for even an hour provided it's of benefit on either financially or professionally.

    Dedan | January 09, 2020 19:19

    This is a great idea though with it might come with challenges depending on the country's economy standard

    FAITH | January 09, 2020 16:50

    Its a good thought thinking we should try it out

    Catherine | January 09, 2020 16:43

    Wow!!! I would second this. 1. Having less hours itself is a motivation to work harder so one can meet deadlines. 2. Many people do their daily 'to does' in less than six hours and use the rest hours before 5pm for personal things ie Internet both positive and negative things are involved in this.

    Rachael | January 09, 2020 14:40

    This would totally do it but then again the issue depends on the kind of income one is earning.


    GILBERT | January 10, 2020 04:04

    True.but also on the company you are working

    Jacob | January 09, 2020 14:17

    I think its my time for God to fix me

    Marvin | January 09, 2020 14:13

    Great idea

    DAVIS | January 09, 2020 14:09

    Brilliant Idea.

    Vincent | January 09, 2020 13:49

    I will recommend these too. It will enhance productivity to some great extend. Our bodies need enough rest for a healthy living.

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    TUBIIREGYE | January 10, 2020 11:09


    Stephen | January 09, 2020 12:42

    Its a good thing since it allow one to rest and have very positive one.

    Eliah | January 09, 2020 11:37

    For sure I pray that every employer accepts to follow that format nobody can be poor and employees can also like work

    MARTHA | January 09, 2020 11:35

    This will be great and it will save organization on high premiums of health insurance for staffs.Productivity will increase operational expenses will reduce.

    NAHURIRA | January 09, 2020 11:13

    This would really be the best job Where by stress is reduced to a certain manageable level. It's really good


    FRANCIS | January 09, 2020 14:41

    This is one way of refusing work related deceases ,I have been in industry for over thirty years ,believe me occupational deceases ,effecting workers count to 68% in life time alone ,wonderfully , this methodology if implemented across all work laces will really make life admirable ,at the moment there is no difference between slavery in the old days and to days work programmes, which we can term as economic slavery.

    EJILU | January 09, 2020 11:05

    It's interesting

    Hilda | January 09, 2020 10:51

    Absolutely great idea

    STEPHEN | January 09, 2020 10:27

    great move

    Boru | January 09, 2020 09:07

    the ideology is good I wish it also implemented here in Kenya

    Dorcas | January 09, 2020 09:00

    absolutely thrilling news.. this can work in most sector in fact Private sector ,, since working hours are supposed to be 8 hrs and we end up working 10+hrs. it gets us to Fatigue we become more workaholics but productivity goes to negative. if we can initiate the 6hrs or the 4days working the productivity will totally be positive and we may even go upto 70% on the growth. we need to start this the Employer should Embrace this and give Employee the Probation of 3 to 6 months and they compare previous working Hours and this new 4 working days. since the same task and responsibilities are not changing this will motivate us Big time..

    JUSTUS | January 09, 2020 08:35

    The idea would be a wonderful one. I do believe it will work perfectly fine. The problem is that most people think working for long hours in a day leads to more productivity but they are wrong. A motivated workforce leads to productivity, and i believe people are motivated when working conditions favour them. Nothing is more favorable like more time with family and friends after work.

    Kipkorir | January 09, 2020 08:32

    We tried new curriculum! We need to try this as well. It will drive the economy much faster.

    Thuranira | January 09, 2020 08:03

    It can be a good idea. Most of the time we count ourselves working, we may actually be wasting time e.g a meeting which would have taken 1 hour ends up taking a whole 3 hours .A good amount of the time is consumed discussing nothing or busy repeating what has been agreed already. Those in the offices keep staring on the computer screen just to appear busy. We cant call that work. Well,if an organization is aware there are only 3 working days in a week,commitments are prioritized and what is not necessary both to the employer and the employee is thrown through the window. There will be less stress to the employees due to socializing away from work either with family members or other people who matter in their lives. Its would not a surprise if productivity shoots up.

    Dorcas | January 09, 2020 08:01

    yes this is a good idea because it gives working mothers to be with their children and help them with their homework and the husbands to be home early

    Leah | January 09, 2020 07:52

    Can’t work here. Currently most contracts state 8hrs with 1hr break in between, but that exists only on paper.

    Ruth | January 09, 2020 07:37

    That will be very grateful and I will have to come and work there.

    TITUS | January 09, 2020 07:28

    yes because most People in Kenya work for more hours with less Pay. Organisations can also introduce Flex time.Flex time can put individuals in control of their work lives and personal lives.

    Evalyne | January 09, 2020 07:27

    It's indeed a wonderful idea and it can work

    Meshack | January 09, 2020 07:26

    4 day per weeks sounds better but the other 2 days will be a waste

    Letty | January 09, 2020 07:25

    The idea would be warmly welcomed, I come from a work environment where we have a 7 day schedule, the burnout is overwhelming, considering i have kids to go tend to. A 4 day workday would not only mean that I get enough time to rejuvenate and work maximum within the minimal hours provided. Human resources in companies should look at ways to make staff more productive instead of making them overwork and and thus entertaining more losses through mistakes and fatigue related incidences.

    KENNEDY | January 09, 2020 07:19

    anything around job satisfaction matters alot.

    Agnes | January 09, 2020 07:19

    In Uganda things are different. If its a policy it would work for people working for the govt but other institutions cannot do that. Uganda is not up to that level we need to work so had to sustain ourselves.

    Okeyo | January 09, 2020 07:16

    The idea is wonderful to the employee. But considering the other side of the coin, employer, it will mean extra expenses in terms of hiring 'more' staff. So in Kenya, the idea is just a fantasy.

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    kiheo | January 09, 2020 08:30

    why would the employer need more staff? I actually think its a win win situation for both the employee and employer as productivity is increased with reduced working hours.

    Eliud | January 09, 2020 07:10

    It sounds good to employees and risky.Most employers would exploit employees to recover the three days.If today we work for eight constitutional hours but our employers makes sure we have worked for ten hours

    SHARON | January 09, 2020 07:06

    yes it can happen so i agree four days work can make some one productive so long as you are contented in what you are doing

    RONO | January 09, 2020 06:54

    It can work

    KOROBE | January 09, 2020 06:52

    it works very well if the people sample it out, you know over working leads to alot of issues most of which are domestic violence, both men and women return from their work place very tired and not in any laughing mood and their spouses receive the tranfered work regress.

    Kipngetich | January 09, 2020 06:52

    I like the 4 days-work thing. At least people will have a way to do other personal things and thus being comfortable at their work places.

    NATIRI | January 09, 2020 06:48

    Wow that would be a great deal for our country Uganda coz people would get tym for their personal business n family

    Davis | January 09, 2020 06:46

    Progressive. It is high time we left "log-ins" and Annual Performance Appraisals. Recently, I asked the Senior HRO in my organization whether it adds value to our organization to require employees to use the new edition of appraisal form...am still waiting for the answer in th 2nd Month na Kenya hatuta hama

    Bonface | January 09, 2020 06:44

    Thats anice proposal i wish here in kenya it was implimented here too

    Linet | January 09, 2020 06:30

    That's just amazing

    LORRAINE | January 09, 2020 06:24

    If other countries have tried it, and it worked for them, our country could give it a go as well, it will be wise to try it and if it yields fruits for as then, we can fully implement it since we won't fears of backfire.

    Janet | January 09, 2020 06:23

    The pressure at the workplace is insane, Kenyans are working long hours, meagre pay, no social life for most of us, we have become literal zombies. If only Kenya tried to go the Finland way, I believe it would work and we could have a more productive workforce.

    George | January 09, 2020 06:14

    That's a good idea and it has to be implemented fully,such that employers stop overworking employees for better productivity ,which will create a room for more jobs to unemployed people .And the economy of a country can grow

    PETER | January 09, 2020 06:13

    Your comments Good morning, it's one way to reduce overworking and create more employment vacancies better method for twenty four hour economy

    SYLVIA | January 09, 2020 06:11

    I wish Kenya can try this but what i know Most of Kenya employers' want employees to work upto 10 hours in a day from Monday to Saturday.

    wellington | January 09, 2020 06:07

    It is a good idea to some extent but we have to put in mind that every system has a disadvantage. And the big is will the organizations welcome the idea?

    Muhire | January 09, 2020 06:01

    I wish our Uganda practice it but some how it will affect volunteers who are paid depending on days worked especially in these NGOs

    Vincent | January 09, 2020 05:37

    A good idea....

    YUSUF | January 09, 2020 05:37

    Its a two way traffic. Its about how we measure individuals productivity. The Kenyan workforce, is a weird one. Because of the extremes in the economy, given a six hour work schedule, chanves are high he/she will get another job to do. I think the purpose of the reduced working hours is to have sufficient rest, and not to give you an oortunity for more hustles.

    Lucy | January 09, 2020 05:27

    fantastic idea, actually this is the correct amount of work time thats any productive person does with keenness and concentration. The rest is spending catching up, tea drinking, on internet etc so should work

    Irene | January 09, 2020 05:25

    I think it's a good idea Because some times people are overworked and yet underpaid hence people get frustrated resulting into low levels of production

    Ogwang | January 09, 2020 04:58

    the policy can only work when people love their work and their country.

    Sekitoleko | January 09, 2020 04:56

    I believe there are other factors leading to employee productivity other than working days and working hours. Such a policy doesn't seem to relevant to worker's satisfaction levels. In my country Uganda working days and hours is not an issue but how workers are remunerated, how much level of independence in decision making,team work, relevant training etc seem to matter a lot than just working days and hours.

    sempijja | January 09, 2020 04:48

    I also think practicing it will enable us know how productive it is ,so why not giving it a shoot

    FELISTERS | January 09, 2020 04:19

    If we only practice is when we will see that it works.my comment is that let's give it a trial because other countries have tried and it has yielded why not us.goodluck as we go.

    John | January 09, 2020 03:39

    A good suggestion

    Winnie Musera | January 09, 2020 03:37

    Wow I wish our country Kenya would try that coz people are being overworked and underpayed plus huge taxes and that's why alot of people are frustrated and its not helping the economy because the production level is low

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    Linorah | January 09, 2020 06:53

    Our country is not yet developed, that's why that proposal can't work here.

    Default profile photo 50

    Dorcas | January 09, 2020 09:05

    @linorah its not about our Country its about US.. we pay Tax, not the country it's about Change Dear.. working this long hours don't make big change.. since its a routine.. productivity is between 8:00am and 12.00pm.. productivity is 1%...

    BENARD | January 09, 2020 03:29

    I am deaf an interior design drawing painting career and Kenya. I am an apply for a job. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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