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10 Tips to Help Disconnect from Work (and Actually Enjoy the Holidays)

The holidays are just around the corner, and you need to disconnect from work. If you struggle with this, do not worry. We are here to help!

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The holidays are just around the corner, and you need to disconnect from work. If you struggle with this, do not worry. We are here to help!

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Disconnecting from work is easier said than done. Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for unwinding with your loved ones and making memories. However, a lot of people struggle with this, especially those who follow a routine and have stuck to it for a long time. Most of them can barely sleep in during the holidays.

As much as everyone praises demanding work and productivity, there comes a time when you need to let your body relax and rest. You must remember that there is a time for everything. You cannot work all through the year and expect to be productive and healthy, you have to maintain a work-life balance.

Tips to help you rest and disconnect from work during the holidays

As crazy as this may sound, this is a common struggle during the holidays. The stress and anxiety that comes with having so much time in your hands during the holidays can make you cave and turn to work-related issues. As luck would have it, this is not an impossible mission. With a few tips and tweaks to your routine, you can let loose and disconnect from work during the holidays.

1. Complete pending work

It is impossible to relax and disconnect from work when you have pending tasks on your desk or email. If you are used to completing pending work at home, this is not the time for that. Start by listing all the pending work and ensure that you finish them before the holidays begin. If the pending work is too much and you are not able to complete it before the holidays, then you can do the following:-


  • Ask for help from your colleagues; or

  • Create a plan that lays out how you will manage the task to completion when you resume work after the holiday. This way, you don’t feel disorganized and anxious about the tasks during the holidays.

2. Prepare and manage your work

If you are sure that your colleagues and clients might still try to reach you during the holidays, you can create a system that allows you to manage your tasks after disconnecting from work. For example, you can:


  • Let your colleagues and clients know that you will not be handling pending work during the holidays. Request them to forward to you any tasks that will require your input so that you can work on them before the holidays.

  • Provide an emergency contact that they can use to reach you when necessary and urgent. This way, when someone tries to reach you with this contact, you know that it is work-related and extremely urgent.

  • Create an automated out-of-office message for your work phone and email. When you get an email from your client during the holidays, the out-of-office message will inform the client of your absence and when you will be returning to work.

3. Be reasonable

The truth is that not all of us can completely disconnect from work during the holidays. If you fall in this category, you must set limits. If the future of your job depends on you answering or checking your emails during the holidays, do it! But ensure that it is necessary and that you are not using this as an excuse to keep working. Also, you might want to look into how your loved ones will react when you choose not to disconnect from work during the holidays. You need to understand that when you make them feel agitated and angry, you build up more stress for yourself. Is it worth it?

4. Limit the use of your devices

In this era, all aspects of our lives are affected by technology. Technology holds us back when we want to disconnect from work. The habit of always being connected increases the stress and anxiety levels in the body, making it harder to relax, especially if you keep receiving work-related notifications. Try to disconnect from work by logging out of your work emails or simply muting your work-related notifications. Alternatively, you can completely disconnect from technology and try an analog routine during the holidays.

5. Do what you love and enjoy

Don't hold back! When you disconnect from work during the holidays, you get enough free time to enjoy all the fun activities and places that you have been putting off. Use this time to explore your hobbies. Who knows? You might even discover new hobbies and hidden talents.

6. Forget time completely

Do not pay attention to the time. Forget the routines and go with the flow. If you want to swim at night, do it! You can watch a movie all through the night and sleep during the day. Nothing and no one will stop you. Take advantage of the holidays and do whatever you want.

7. Get back to your routine a few days before you go back to work

Since your body is in a state of relaxation after you disconnect from work, you should think about getting back to your schedule before the first day of work. Your body and mind will transition smoothly from relaxation to your work routine. It will also help you manage any pending work before you officially get back to work. 


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Why is it important to disconnect from work?

Now that you know how to disconnect from work, you need to understand why this is important. Let’s take a quick look at this!

1. Regrouping and recharging

We live in an era where people prioritize their jobs and the amount of work they can complete. No one wants to take a step back to regroup, which eventually causes burnout. A study conducted by Deloitte through a workplace burnout survey showed that 77% of people working in the Company have ever experienced burnout in their jobs. As if this is not enough, the survey showed that half of the same people have ever experienced it multiple times. 

Being a workaholic might reflect positively on your paycheck, but it causes so much more stress on your health and productivity. Burnout also affects your personal life and the organization. Disconnect from work and take this time to create a work-life balance before burnout gets the best of you!

2. Contentment, gratitude, and satisfaction

When you disconnect from work, you become more present. You will start noticing everything going on around you and look at life differently. This unique perspective will make you feel more fulfilled and happier with your life. General satisfaction boosts your productivity and balances all aspects of your life. I mean, picture this!

You take a trip with your loved ones to an exotic island and enjoy the scenery away from work stress. You disconnect from technology and make memories as you embrace the scenic views. Not only that, but you can sleep at any time, banter with your loved ones, and get to catch up. You will start to realize how blessed you are, which will make you feel satisfied and content with your life. When you get back to work, you will feel refreshed and more energized to tackle work issues with a new perspective, boosting your value in the workplace.

3. Enhance your productivity

Your body knows when it is running on fumes, and it will shut down anytime and anywhere if you do not slow down and relax. We encourage you to take time off work and use your free time to focus and boost your resilience. When you disconnect from work, you increase your productivity and creativity. Try to reconnect with your life outside work and use the experiences and memories to boost your creativity and productivity when managing issues in the workplace.


With the holidays just around the corner, this is the time to disconnect from work. Learn how to separate your work life from your home life. It might take practice at first, but you will eventually detach and enjoy your free time. Have a lovely holiday!

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Lilian Nerima Musonge

Nerima Musonge is a Lawyer who is passionate about Content Creation and Copywriting. She is constantly trying to broaden her artistic pursuits and find out how they can integrate with the law. When she is not squinting behind a laptop, she is mothering, cracking jokes, and living her best life

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