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5 Steps to Turning Your Internship Into a Full-Time Job

Internships are a great way of getting work experience. If you are lucky enough, you get offered a placement immediately after your internship ends.

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Internships are a great way of getting work experience. If you are lucky enough, you get offered a placement immediately after your internship ends.

Every month, organizations receive thousands of emails from students applying for internship opportunities in various fields. Internships are a great way of getting work experience. It’s an opportunity to finally put what you’ve learnt into practice. If you are lucky enough, you get offered a placement immediately after your internship ends. Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure you stand out and end up with a full-time job:

1. Take initiative

One soft skill that employers are after in the current job market is problem solving. Don’t be the intern that’s always quick to raise problems and provide no solutions. If something isn’t working right try find a solution to it first before escalating the issue. Feel free to air out your opinions (as long as they aren’t meant to belittle anyone) in meetings and help in finding solutions to some of the challenges the organization is experiencing. Learn as much as you can in the little time you have within the organization and acquire substantial skills. Volunteer to attend workshops or any event outside the company.

2. Pick the right internship

Most of us desire to work in well-established organizations. Pretty much where the organization have well laid out structures and vision. And it’s okay to dream big. It’s okay to want to work for multinationals and large corporations. However, it’s important to seek out internship opportunities that will provide you with valuable experience. Think of startups and small to medium sized organizations. Most times than not, they’re usually understaffed and provide a great learning environment for you to get hands on experience. Though not a guarantee, chances of you getting a full-time placement just right after your internship is very high in a startup or SME as compared to a large corporation.

3. Network

Every opportunity that you have to network whether within the organization or outside, make great use of it. Interact with your colleagues, get to know what they are doing. If there are any events organized by the organization make sure you attend them. Just as you are building networks within, you can also do that from such events and even land yourself a job. Opportunities are everywhere. How you find them is what matters. As you network with your seniors, you can show interest in working for the company. This way you’ll be letting them know that you consider their organization a place where you would like to nurture your skills and grow with the company. And even if there is no immediate opportunity, they will have you in mind when a position opens up.

4. Follow the stipulated guidelines

Every organization has a set of rules and guidelines that need to be followed by their employees. All rules and guidelines vary from organization to organization. Ensure you abide by the organizational rules. Adhere to the reporting time and dress code of the organization. Most organizations have a handbook with all the guidelines. Find one and read through and ensure you are up to speed on the company’s set rules when it comes to use of personal or company phone, internet and personal email so as to avoid awkward situations.

5. Be assertive

Competition is tough out here for jobs. You have to show your employers why they need to give you projects and not person X within the organization. Ask questions in case you don’t understand anything. Remember, this is a learning opportunity and if you have no idea how to handle a task you have been given seek help. There is nothing wrong with asking. Volunteer to take up assignments and if possible, get to offer a hand in every department. Don’t confine yourself to your department only.

And as you work SMART, remember to have fun. Your wellbeing contributes a lot to your performance within the organization. Remember to send them a thank you email once your internship comes to an end. If possible, keep in touch. You never know when that opportunity might come.





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