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5 Ways Attending a Webinar Will Help With Your Career

Attending a webinar has lots of advantages. You will get an opportunity to make meaningful connections, improve your communication and presentation skills and learn new things. 

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Attending a webinar has lots of advantages. You will get an opportunity to make meaningful connections, improve your communication and presentation skills and learn new things. 

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Attending a webinar provides you with an opportunity to share ideas with experts all over the world in your career choice. So if you learn a new skill or network within your field, a webinar is the right thing to attend. Attending is one thing but getting to interact with a massive online audience during such an occasion is even more rewarding. Here are more reasons to attend webinars.

Growing your international network

Attending webinars helps you meet internationals and grow your network. Whatever your career journey looks like, you may want to be known out there to increase your chances of landing a dream job. With the rise of international webinars, professional people from diverse cultures usually converge for such meetings and as such, language barriers may arise. To atone for this, the organizers opt to use translation tools to bridge the language barrier. Translation helps to bring everyone on the same page. 

If we were talking about in-person multilingual seminars three years ago before COVID-19 happened, simultaneous translation equipment couldn’t be more helpful in serving everyone. This system works linguistic magic by taking in the presenter’s speech and simultaneously translating them to the languages the multilingual audience understands through their headphones. But for webinars now, there are different equivalent ways of translating your online meeting. Platforms that offer remote simultaneous interpreting are the best solution. Remote interpretation platforms translate speeches from one language to another in real-time. It eliminates the need for on-site interpreters and equipment, meaning it reduces costs. Some of these platforms include Kudo, Interprefy, Voiceboxer, Interactio, InterpretCloud, and so on. 


Meaningful additions to your CV

Failing to make a corresponding update to your CV after a rewarding webinar is a lot of injustice to your career path. It is like taking a course and failing to acknowledge it on your resume. Recruiters worldwide love to see that you have attended important international webinars that have a connection to their vacant positions. If they are a multinational, your network with professionals of diverse cultures during those meetings puts you in a good place for that job. More often than not, people attend meetings to strengthen their resumes. It is even better if they got to do presentations in such webinars that eventually got published.


Improving your communication and presentation skills

One reason people attend webinars is to learn ways to improve their presentation skills and kill online public speaking frights. Whether you will be an employee or employer who is hiring remote teams, you will need to either interview your staff or face a panel of interviewers one day. If you already know that you have a decorum problem with online audiences, you will need to take some notes during such webinars. Attending many such gatherings will gradually improve your communication skills and it might just as well help with other things.


Meeting your professional heroes

There is nothing as exciting as knowing that you will be meeting some of your professional heroes in your field. Imagine meeting Nobel laureates in your area of expertise and having an opportunity to network with them. It is anything but ordinary. If you are doing a research paper, you can even have your hero collaborate on it. 


Learning new things and having fun

In addition to updating your resume, meeting your heroes, or sharpening some communication skills, it could be an opportunity to learn a lot of new information and have fun. After the webinar, you can take out some time to research all the new terms and notions you have learned. You can network with some of the attendees who are residents in other countries and learn about cultural differences and integrate that knowledge into your work.


Final word 

Networking with people of diverse cultures is most people’s dream. Some people usually go on tours to make this dream come alive but nowadays you could easily do that through online meetings. Attending a webinar has lots of advantages as outlined above. You will get an opportunity to make meaningful connections, stand out in your job applications, improve your communication and presentation skills and learn new things. 

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Andy Latkovskis

Andy Latkovskis is an HR Officer specialized in employee training and development. He is truly passionate about nurturing talent and ideas that evoke transformative change in individuals, teams, and organizations. When he is not working, you can find him exploring the deepness of nature.

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