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Best places to work remotely 

Shake up your work routine and channel new inspiration, here are cool places where you can sit down focus and be more productive.

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Shake up your work routine and channel new inspiration, here are cool places where you can sit down focus and be more productive.

Whether you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, the best part about working remotely is that you don’t have to worry about the dreaded daily commute to and from work and can stay in your pyjamas all day. A home office that you designed specifically to increase your productivity, can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. It can get lonely sitting at home all day and with the constant temptation of the TV and nap time it can be difficult to focus- but if you switch it up sometimes it can serve as a great motivational boost and provides much needed social connection.

To shake up your work routine and channel new inspiration, here are cool places where you can sit down focus and be more productive.

1. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops make a point of being the go-to location for freelancers to work, they have WiFi connectivity, are easy to access and provide plenty of tabletops. Besides the warm, cosy, caffeine-rich drinks, coffee shops have a unique vibe from both the buzz of the caffeine and the buzz of working in a stimulating environment around other people can actually make people to be more productive and creative. Try to avoid setting up shop during busy business hours such as breakfast or lunch because it’s too loud to make business phone calls.

2. The Library

If you don’t need to make business phone calls and video-conferencing the library is another amazing place for you to work from remotely. Libraries offer quiet and work-friendly environments to get down to business. They are a prime favourite spot for freelancers because they provide a number of various seating options from open desks to private rooms as well as free WiFi. And you’re surrounded by books which mean you can consider it a great excuse for taking periodic breaks to get up and walk around to look for books, research journals as opposed to sitting all day. Consider it a win-win especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

3. University Spaces

Some campuses will require a student’s ID, but campuses are designed with students in mind and therefore present plenty of open spaces to do some alone work. So expect a good range of indoor and outdoor spots for productive remote work. There is also likely an abundance of tables where you can spread out and get work done and the enthusiastic energy from students could give you a boost of energy if you find the company motivational rather than distracting.

4. Co-Working Spaces

A co-working office is a shared office space where you pay for access monthly, weekly or daily depending on how often you need the space. They are a great option for freelancers, digital professions and creative because it provides a shared professional community of like-minded to network, exchange ideas and gain new contacts and clients in the process.

There’s reliable WiFi and provides access to shared communal space such as a conference room that you could use when meeting with clients, kitchen areas and often leisure facilities.

5. The Mall

The mall food-court is another great place for remote work and depending on when you visit the mall you may get times of complete silence. They’ve got WiFi and plenty of space to spread out during the workday and you can use break time to explore and learn something new.

So to answer the question- where should I work as a remote-worker or freelancer? This list will help you get started. But once you see the whole world as your potential office, you’ll find new, uncharted creative workspaces.

This article was originally published on The Sauce by Capital FM. Read the full version here.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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