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Characteristics that will make you an unforgettable boss

Lead by permission rather than authority.

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Lead by permission rather than authority.

There is an absolute thrill that comes along with becoming a boss. Many people tend to make mistakes due to lack of guidance. Despite that, you must be willing to leave a legacy behind as a boss. How can I be an unforgettable boss? I am sure you have watched an episode or two of the sitcom Ground Floor. Drawing from the sitcom, we can learn some things about becoming an unforgettable boss.

1.    Be ready to take the bullet

A great boss is always ready for the bullet. They will be the first to take the risk before their juniors. Playing it safe as a boss makes you ordinary. In the sitcom, the boss Mr. Mansfield deals with the biggest and the meanest clients. That means that they are ready to mess up and take responsibility for it.

2.    Challenge your juniors

As a boss, you need to set up challenges that can bring out the potential of your employees. The trials should be robust. A great employee will look for a lasting solution for the issue rather than avoid it. They will also remember how you helped them reach their purpose.

3.    Wear emotions on your sleeve

You must be willing to show a reaction whenever one of the workers does something commendable. That encourages them to grow and realize more success. However, you ought to be professional about it. Do not act out of emotions without first calming yourself down and composing your response.

4.    Involve the juniors

As a boss, your employees need to share opinions. They can correct you when they have a different approach to an issue. Consult them before you make changes and know their views. Lead by permission rather than authority.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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