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Comprehensive virtual care for your employees

Get free expert advice round-the-clock for your teams, whenever they need it.

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Get free expert advice round-the-clock for your teams, whenever they need it.

Are you worried about your employees? Trying to find the best way to support your immediate community to get through the COVID crisis?  

Antara Health provides your team with virtual care services which come free with their health plans that have medical doctors, clinical officers, nurses and nutritionists on call over the phone, App and WhatsApp. During the COVID-crisis, they proactively and personally reach out to each member of your team offering guidance and counselling on how to get through this challenging time. Their telemedicine service enables your team to get free expert advice round the clock for COVID-19 questions, and if needed, medication and lab services delivery to their door to keep your team from needing to leave their homes.

This is an ideal option for businesses or individuals responsible for the care of others to get the best health management support during this crisis. We are all in this together - do what you can to support those in your community!

How to access Antara Health Services

Antara’s healthcare team of nurses, doctors, clinical officers, and nutritionists are a phone call away, and can also be reached over App & WhatsApp. Get in touch with Antara Health for medical support.


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