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Forget ‘traditional’ careers, these are the new age careers that did not exist 20 years ago

Here are a few career options that might quip your interest in this digital age.

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Here are a few career options that might quip your interest in this digital age.

Being in your twenties comes with a lot of unwarranted stress. You are out of your college and step onto an uncharted path, where schedules don’t come as time tables, and there are no exams but only life. Peer pressure, parental expectations, self-esteem are some of the things you have to deal with. Of course, you have the pressure of getting a proper job, get married and settling down as quickly as if you are in some sort of a race.

But most importantly, this is also the time to tarmac looking for a stable job but rather than apply or look for a traditional job. Here are a few career options that might quip your interest in this digital age.

Video Game Designer – This individual designs video games and their rules. They decide the characters and the flow of the game. This requires you to be highly creative along with knowledge of software coding.

Social Media Manager – Social media managers strategizes and implements the content and engagement strategy on various social media platforms for brands and organisations.

Life Coach – The role of a life skill trainer or life coach is to enhance an individuals personality, work on their motivation and teach them important life skills.

Fashion Stylist – This involves the sourcing and styling of clothes as well as accessories for people like celebrities. A Fashion stylist will look for clothes and accessories, style them to make an outfit, then do fittings before advising the client on their best outfit options for whatever occasion.

YouTuber – They are content creators, who create and amplify content on the internet for mass consumption. There are a lot of people who make money out of producing videos for YouTube.

Image Consultant – An image consultant helps a person with their wardrobe, styling, makeup, accessories and personality enhancement. They help people in presenting themselves to create favourable impressions.

Food Stylist – Food stylists are responsible for the look and presentation of the food. This is done for posters, images, shoots, videos, ads etc. Their role is to ensure the food looks great in front of a camera.

Fitness Instructors – They formulate exercise routines and programs for their clients and specialise in a form of exercise and it’s equipment usage.

Blogger – Those who publish blogs or articles online are called bloggers. They research and write for various entities or even themselves. One can also publish vlogs and podcasts.

Personal Shoppers – They get paid to shop and run errands, serving clients who are too busy or simply unable to shop for themselves. Purchases might include groceries and other necessary items, but often they’re clothing and accessories.

Social media model – They model clothes, jewellery, bags and are used for social media campaigns but as opposed to being scouted on the streets or at an agency, they can be found on social media.

Brand Ambassador – This is a person who has influence and is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.

Influencers – These are people with social influence in their respective fields. An influencer is qualified by their ability to generate buying decisions simply due to their influence over their audience and the audiences that they represent.

Online entrepreneur – They own online-based businesses from selling kitchen utensils, clothes, bags, shoes and makeup, they post and sell their wares on social media. They take advantage of social media’s ability to reach their would-be customers, why set up a shop when you can reach your customers via social media.

Other new-age careers include comedians, disc jockeys (DJs), makeup artists, personal assistants, nail technicians, reality TV star, video vixens and travel agents.

This article was originally published on The Sauce by Capital FM. Read the full version here. 

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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