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Using Tech to Build a Motivated Team During the COVID Crisis

It’s time to embrace technology and learn how we can use it to support employees.

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It’s time to embrace technology and learn how we can use it to support employees.

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Organizations all around the globe are finding themselves in different phases of managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the challenges vary by business maturity, industry, and location, finding and implementing the right employee policies along with smart approaches to remote work have proven the most difficult, yet the most important.

With remote work becoming the new norm, now is the time for businesses to harness the power of technology to ensure their workforce has the tools and resources needed to continue doing their job. Human Resources is at the front line of a business’s response to this crisis, which means new and effective methods must be used.

Facing the Challenges of Nurturing Business Culture

Both business leaders and workers have stated that a well-defined organizational culture is essential for the long-term success of the business. This is an organization’s identity, works to form the mission, and provides employees a sense of purpose and identity in their work.

However, during times of crisis, culture is vulnerable to decisions made on the fly and financial survival being the top priority. Constant communication, employee engagement, and a proven commitment to the culture of the company by those in leadership positions are the only tools that work.

When the HR department seems to be constantly putting out fires, it’s hard to make culture a priority, but now is the time to do so.

Talent Acquisition and Retention is Still Critical

With the serious economic impact of COVID-19, more businesses and companies are freezing hiring and laying off workers. This may require reliance on temp workers and contractors during the early stages of recovery; however, the reputation of a company among candidates that are needed longer-term is dependent on how they are treated while this crisis is going on.

That may require your business to hire some employees back as contractors for the short term or providing assistance signing on to temp agencies. Even among all this turmoil, it’s smart to keep the talent pipeline full and stay in contact with potential rehires via communication tools like Zoom, Slack, etc.

Engaging Your Remote Workforce

Keeping your workers productive, enthused, and engaged is one of the most valuable roles of HR, and one of the team’s superpowers. Research has made it clear that when employees feel their emotional well-being and physical health are a priority for the organization, they become more engaged.

You can show your home workers that you are committed to their long-term wellbeing by making adjustments to benefits, which is possible and made easy according to a recent post by HR Payroll Systems if you have the right software solutions in place.

Another option is to eliminate the co-pays required for telehealth visits and if you don’t include mental health consultations as part of your telehealth offerings, make this available now.

With the financial stress affecting virtually every employee, now is a good time to investigate various options, such as subsidized loans, daily pay, and access to financial education webinars. The loyalty you provide to your workers now, during these difficult times of confusion and stress, will come back to you with their dedication and loyalty to your mission.

Making the Most for Your Business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking the right steps now is something that will pay off in the future. As your employees continue to adjust to the changes businesses are making, harness the power of technology and do what you can to show them you are there for support and help, even in trying times. 

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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