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I made a mistake and my boss publicly embarrassed me: here’s what to do

Learn to handle the workplace pressure well and when you step out, be a happy human being.

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Learn to handle the workplace pressure well and when you step out, be a happy human being.

Sadly, the rate at which career persons are getting depressed is alarmingly ripping off the roofs. Just recently, Kenya was appalled with the unexpected headline of a man who while at his place of work, edged closer and took the jump from a high floor of the building he was working in. Suicide.

There’re various issues that of course pile up together and then corner a human being to make such decisions. This article wants to examine possible solutions to one of these things: Your immediate boss publicly berating you for a mistake you may have made or may not have made.

It’s embarrassing and it can put you on a leash for the rest of your life and affect you.

It is mortifying, even dehumanizing when your boss walks into the office and unrolls a scroll of your mistakes for all to see or even go to the extent of yelling at you. Most have confessed that this brings down their esteem and work motivation, making it harder to work in a comfortable environment. Have you, or do you encounter such unfortunate instances at your place of work? These tips could help you work out a way around it

  1. Ask for a one on one meeting with your boss: The most mature thing will always be to speak up. After the public denuding, wait until you are relaxed and rid of anger, and then calmly ask for a chat with your boss. Be candid. Especially if it’s not been your norm to make mistakes, explain to them that it was a slip you’re unhappy of and won’t let it happen again. Learn to apologize and accept the responsibility if clearly it was your fault. Make no bones about the issue, tell them how you would appreciate if he/she approached you individually and demanded for an explanation for your shortcomings, instead of taking the heat out on you publicly. Tell your boss, confidently but with all respect, of how the situation affects your productivity.
  2. Stand your ground: If at all you’re convinced you hadn’t edged an inch out of the expected, stand your ground. People who stand their ground are respected. Make no mistake, this isn’t being rude. It’s speaking out, holding your responsibilities up against your actions and clearly stating that you didn’t run out of the reservation. To cut to the chase, know when to say no, and know when to say yes, with respectful explanations.
  3. Accept, adjust, and then advance: This is in a case you clearly know it was your fault. You dropped the ball. You could wise up and say hey, I made the mistake. I take full responsibility and I apologize for the mess it may have created. I’m diving in to remedy this, and putting measures to ensure it will never happen again. Tendering an apology isn’t a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. Taking the blame for the failure of your team will especially earn you respect from the team you lead. Afterwards, you can face your team and deal professionally with the individuals who caused the failure
  4. Talk with the HR: If you feel the situation isn’t edging anywhere near a solution, you could take a deep breath and talk to the HR about the situation with your immediate boss. Be honest, say all you feel and ask for their professional advice
  5. Don’t let it go to your head: Really now? You may ask. Yes. Away from your workplace, you have a life. More than once you have met these people who snap at a very little issue and bark at your face. They overreact and you’re left cowering, wondering how you could have possibly rubbed them the wrong way. You’re not the problem. They had ugly encounters at their place of work which they let get to their heads, and even carried them. So a little thing and they pour it out on you.

C’mon, life doesn’t have to be that drearily dull. Learn to handle the workplace pressure well and when you step out, be a happy human being. Consider Galileo’s advice. The sun is surrounded by so many planets that all depend on it throughout, but it still finds time to ripen a bunch of grapes somewhere on earth. You could have terrible times at the office, but still find time to smile and have some fun with friends and family. Very good for your mental healthg. Thank me later.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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