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Keeping your top performers from quitting

A good boss needs to establish a great reward system for their employees.

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A good boss needs to establish a great reward system for their employees.

In every workplace, there are different kinds of employees. Some are there to make money and survive till the next paycheck; others are there to stretch their knowledge and gain new experiences. In some cases, some employees are result oriented. A good boss always keeps track of their top performers. How do you keep top performers from not quitting? Here are four tips that can help you hold on to your top performers for as long as you want.

1.    Appreciate their work

It is crucial that you point out an employee’s effort and reward it. If you head a sales department, make sure that your best seller gets a good reward for their excellent work. A good boss needs to establish a great reward system for their employees. You can pay for a vacation, a trip to a conference or even offer them a company car. Rewarding good deeds motivates the employees in the workplace.

2.    Offer them opportunities

If your employees perform exemplary, consider giving them more opportunities for growth. They are working overtime to grow your business, return the favor and help them grow. You can expand the company and let the top performers head the new branches. That way, their careers does not become stagnant.

3.    Engage them

When top performers lack stimulation, they get bored with their jobs. If they wake up to the same routine, they may seek more challenging tasks elsewhere. Find hard or more challenging tasks for them carry out while at work. If they work in a law firm, direct them to a big client with complex needs. It will challenge them and encourage them to gather more knowledge.

4.    Value them

It is often possible that you neglect your most important employees in the name of equality. However, top performers ought to enjoy their level of respect. Their opinions need a listening ear. Give them a nice office far from noise and distractions to show them that you value them.

The tips above will help you keep your top performers for the longest time.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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