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The 10-Step Plan to Get You Promoted

Managers give promotions to “doers”

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Managers give promotions to “doers”

Are you planning on getting a promotion at your place of work? That’s a good thing, it shows you have an ambitious mindset. But now, you have to walk it like you talk it if your big dreams are ever going to see the light of day. We have prepared for you the roadmap to your big promotion using these 10-simple steps.

1. Perform a current analysis of your work

Getting a promotion is more of a marathon than a sprint. The first step to your thousand-mile journey begins with self-assessment what you are currently doing. Create a personal performance contract that will guide you to better your current achievements and improve the end-results of your day-to-day goals.

2. Get to understand your manager’s goals

A manager will only promote you if they feel you are the right candidate to drive the company towards achieving its objectives. You should therefore try to know your manager’s dream of the company and align these with your personal goals.

3. Do your homework

The job position you aim to be promoted to will have different responsibilities from the one you are doing. You need to do your personal research on the job description of the future role you want to take.

4. Evaluate the qualifications needed for the job

From the job description of the future role you aim to get, you can get details about the qualifications needed for the position. You then need to perform a gap analysis to determine how you intend to achieve the qualifications. Such qualifications include skills, knowledge, education, certificates and experience.

5. Formulate a clear career development plan

Rome was not built in one day, and neither will your career. Formulate a career development plan. Enroll for evening classes if you have to get the skills you need.

6.Seek advice

We all could use a little help once in a while. Ask for advice from persons successful in your field of work. Such persons may bring something you have been missing to your attention.

7. Push yourself to take more responsibilities

Getting promoted means holding even more responsibilities on your shoulders. Volunteer to take lead in the right projects and follow them through to the end. This makes you indispensable in your employer’s eyes.

8. Get ahead of the competition

Managers give promotions to “doers”. Ensure you are on the “doer-list’ by coming up with ways to solve current issues in the company.

9.Show your worth

Humility is an admirable virtue, but it could also cost you that promotion you seek. Many achievements in the work place tend to get overlooked. You therefore need to blow your own horn a little by bringing your personal achievements in your current role to the attention of your manager.

10. Meet with the boss

Finally, bring your intentions to your boss’s attention. Set up a meeting and vocalize your interest in the promotion. Remember, confidence is key in winning your boss’s favor!

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Kelvin Mokaya

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