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The 7 Sexiest Jobs You Can Have

Who wants to sound like they have a boring career anyway?

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Who wants to sound like they have a boring career anyway?

Sexy (adj.) – sexually attractive, appealing, desirable or intriguing.

It’s obvious that a few or no young people ask themselves if they are choosing a sexy career when picking their majors in college. And too bad that this bit is usually left out by career officers who only talk about growth prospects. But did you know your career defines you more than you know?

‘So, what do you do?’ This is one question we can’t seem to dodge when in social situations. Funny enough, no one forgets to add some oomph when responding. Who wants to sound like they have a boring career anyway? You get asked about your occupation because by getting to know what you do, folks get to know little about your personality or how much of a free spirit you are. So much for not judging a book by its cover, right?

That said, here are some careers that exhibit ambition, leadership, confidence and swagger and come out as attractive.

Entrepreneur/ CEO

Being a CEO or Founder tells the story of building something out of nothing. Entrepreneurs have certain responsibilities which require specific attributes for them to be successful. They have extreme confidence, leadership, and passion, are good decision-makers and show commitment. Everything that can make one feel physically and emotionally safe.


Most of us wanted to be engineers when we grew up because of the financial stability that comes with it and how cool it sounded to be one. Too bad Maths never loved us back. You can’t overlook the fact that if you date an engineer, you’ll be dating someone who is fairly intelligent, a problem solver and knows his way around most stuff.


Gabriel Macht has not only done a good job playing the character Harvey Spectre on Suits but also made viewers fall in love with the profession. The sophisticated wardrobe aside, lawyers exude charisma, and confidence and are known to be loyal. Besides, they know what’s the right thing to say and the right time to say it. Did I forget protective? 

Data Scientist

Computer Engineers had their shine in the 1990s. This is the era of statisticians. Data scientists have a combination of computation, scientific and analytical skills which makes them a rare catch. This nerdy-cool job has been labelled as the sexiest profession of the 21st century.


Chefs have become more iconic figures than glorified cooks. They are artists. If you happen to follow any celebrity chef, you definitely know how they handle food while creating a dish. Whether it’s softly and gently or aggressively it shows how they are in control using their hands to create something that satisfies your desires. Women love men who can cook, it’s a plus.

Entertainer/ Celebrity

The majority of people who are public figures try to keep up with the good appearances which come with lots of work keeping fit. The lavish/glamorous lifestyles they live evoke envy and have a certain pull.


Athletes are the epitome of stamina and exude determination, and passion and possess a certain social status. In addition to that, we live in a sports-loving society.

You might be thinking how late it is to start on either of the above careers. Well, it’s not late to find a job that you’ll fall in love.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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