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Tips on how to Write creative Cover Letter Openers

Cut out the chase and hook the hiring manager to read it all.

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Cut out the chase and hook the hiring manager to read it all.

No matter how exciting your cover letter might be, your openers should be superb. Cut out the chase and hook the hiring manager to read it all. Poor cover letters are easy to find. Hiring managers skim through poor cover letters and focus on the exemplary ones. Below are the points which you should employ to write a catchy cover letter:


Your interest in the job is built on what employers are looking for. As illustrated in the book, ‘Cover Letters Made Easy’, the difference between what you write and what the employers read is looked at in the employers’ translation. Enthusiasm portrays eagerness and interest in the job and employers will be highly induced to offer you the opportunity.  

Urgency to create a solution:
Hold a mirror to show your achievements and what you are bringing on the table. Show solutions to their needs and why they should hire you. For example, “With the need to increase your online sales, I have a diverse five years’ experience in social media marketing with makeable accomplishments and solutions made.”

On writing, you should employ curiosity on your openers. This conveys that you are accepting whatever challenge comes your way and that you have the ability to create immediate solutions. For example, “Having accomplished my master's degree in marketing now is the need to challenge my knowledge in a diversified way.”

Attention getters:
Openers are meant to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Be detailed to understand their very need of hiring. This is built through elegant research. Here is an example of a catchy line you could use, “Increasing retail sales for your products in your new territories is ideal for the company.”



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Kelvin Mokaya

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