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Wondering if it’s a dream job or a scam? These are the signs.

Think twice before applying for that position, the risks might not be worth it

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Think twice before applying for that position, the risks might not be worth it

There it is… A job post with qualifications, skills and experience that seem to fit you perfectly. The application process is smooth. Then they ask for your personal information. You hesitate. Fake job posts leave applicants defenseless against theft of important personal information. In some cases, businesses will put up such posts to find out which of their employees are searching for jobs with competitors.

But how do you find out if a job posting is indeed a scam?

Watch out for requests for fees or personal information

Alyssa Newcomb, a writer for Fortune Magazine, suggests that as a job seeker you should always be careful about job applications that ask you to give out any personal information early in the process. For example, you could be asked to share credit card details. Also be cautious when asked to pay for training or new software. If a quick search on the Internet does not reveal any information on the company advertising the job, this should also be another warning.

Check for grammatical mistakes in the job post

Ashley Stahl agrees that if the job listing is filled with grammatical mistakes and the hiring person cannot specifically tell you the type of tasks you would be expected to do, it is perhaps better to give this job application a pass.

If the salary sounds too good, it probably is

You should always have an idea of the average salary range in the market for your specific job or what you would like to be paid as it will allow you to decide when an advertised salary seems too much or too little. Additionally, look out for  job listings that suggest you can earn quick cash.

Use of suspicious emails

Whenever you see a recruiter using a personal email or an email that doesn't resemble the contact information of the company being recruited, that should be a red flag. 

A job search can be difficult but always try to listen if the first reaction you get from a job listing is “Seriously?”. Use caution in the application process and always do an internet search to protect yourself from a mistake that cannot be undone. 

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Kelvin Mokaya

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