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In case You Missed it! The Top 7 Trending Topics in 2021 That had Kenyans Hooked in 2021

Take a trip back to the trending topics of 2021 as we highlight moments that had the public's attention.

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Take a trip back to the trending topics of 2021 as we highlight moments that had the public's attention.

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Trending topics never miss within a calendar year, and 2021 has been one for the books. Coming off the global lockdown of 2020, we needed a fresh wind and we got it. The year was filled with plenty of moments. We chose those that trended on social media. Here are the top 7 moments of 2021:

1. The Ndichu brothers

Their rise to fame came from their company Wapi Pay. The First Africa-Asia Payments Gateway. The platform facilitates person-to-person money transfer from mobile money platforms and one's personal bank account. However, they soon were trending when a viral video was released. The video showed part of an altercation where one of the brothers was seen attempting to break off a car side-mirror as the other was seen fighting in the lobby. The backlash that followed saw an investor pullout from Wapi Pay and both brothers resigning from their roles in the company. A sad fall from grace for what seemed on course to become Kenya’s first Unicorn startup.

2. Baby Shower Sister Initiative

Kenyans are renowned for their Harambee spirit. This was evident when they raised over Ksh 800,000 for a baby shower initiative started by Shirleen Mukami. However, when the 'Tea Master' Edgar Obare posted receipts of how Shirleen and her alleged partner planned to use the money raised from the fundraiser to apparently buy a car, all hell broke loose as Kenyans demanded accountability and even prosecution of Shirleen. So much for a good cause turned into one of this year's trending topics.

3. Eliud Kipchoge defends his Olympic title

The first human to run a marathon course in under Two Hours (1:50:40), Eliud Kipchoge, keeps proving that no human is limited. A man described as one who never basks in his previous glory but looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead. And this came true on August 8, 2021. On the last day of the Olympic Games, Kipchoge once again stamped his authority as the world’s best marathoner by retaining his Olympic title, crossing the line a whole 80 seconds clear of his closest rival. Talk of Greatness, Kipchoge is a legend.

4. The fall of 'Tea Master' Edgar Obare

Pick your battles wisely they said. When Edgar Obare released a controversial video naming Kenyans who were allegedly in the wash wash business, Instagram was on fire.  But so were the bellies of those exposed in the video. His world seemingly came tumbling down when his brother was kidnapped followed by his account being hacked. Edgar has since bounced back and his followers were quick to join the fray.

5. Kemikal

Arguably the biggest comedy skit in Kenyan history, Terrence Creative took the country by storm with his humorous yet educative wash wash bizness series. In the series, he acts as Papa Freddie, a Congolese businessman out to swindle unknowing individuals of their money through dubious deals. This was a well-thought-out and produced series that kept Kenyans entertained towards the end of 2021.

6. Squid Game

Netflix never fails to pull off a show stopper every other year. This year was not left behind either. Squid Game took everyone by storm and rained entertainment on us. The series revolves around a contest where 456 players, all of whom are in deep financial debt, risk their lives to play a series of deadly children's games for the chance to win a 45.6 billion Korean Won. The series has since become Netflix’s most-watched show ever with over 1.6 billion viewing hours amassed so far. Talk of a Netflix blockbuster.

7. Money Heist Comes To an End
Finally, we say ciao to the tunes of Bella Ciao. For 5 Seasons running, we have been entertained by the Professor and his crew of 8 heist masters (Nairobi, Tokyo, Denver, Berlin, Rio, Helsinki. Moscow, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Palermo, Bogota, and Marseille) who set out to undertake heists on the Royal Mint and The Bank of Spain. The series was well written and produced that one could not help but wait for the next season. However, Like all good things, Money Heist came to an end but you can always binge-watch it on Netflix in the future.

This for me was the highlight of 2021. A year that finally saw Kenya get out of the lockdown brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, I have a feeling there was more that might have escaped my eyes. Feel free to share other moments from 2021 in the comments section.

Written by

Emmanuel Andambi Gwambo

In my world writing comes naturally. Professionally, I am a lawyer in training with a passion for marketing. On a personal level, I'm a happy soul - if parrots had a human face that would be me.

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