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Let’s Catch You Up on the Top 10 Outstanding Stories Our Readers Loved in 2022

It's been an incredible year for career guidance and inspiration stories, let's look back at the top 10 stories that our readers simply couldn't get enough of in 2022.

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It's been an incredible year for career guidance and inspiration stories, let's look back at the top 10 stories that our readers simply couldn't get enough of in 2022.


From inspiring tales of resilience and triumph to thought-provoking takes on finance and investments, these stories captivated our readers and provided important insights into our world. We're proud to share them with you and hope they will continue to spark meaningful conversations. Read on to catch up on the top 10 outstanding stories our readers loved in 2022.


#10. Got multiple job offers? Your gut feeling is right, but these will help you make a better decision

At number 10, Nerima Musonge's article presents a great way to manage the stress that comes with having a number of job offers to choose from. It's a great source of relief and puts you in a position to make a choice that will bring success.

The article has seven steps to help you decide which best fits you. It highlights in detail factors you need to consider and the core values you should look for, and it even shows you how to develop a decision-making strategy. You can also find tips on how to craft an email to request more time and make up your mind politely. 

 Read the full article here.


#9.  20 examples of strengths and weaknesses to discuss in a job interview

Mercy Mukisa's article looks at how your strengths and weaknesses can accurately represent who you are. Being able to show off your strong points and weaknesses during an interview can give you the edge you need to be successful. As Mukisa puts it, “Hiring managers are more interested in the candidate’s attitude to do the job rather than their experience.”

 To learn about the 20 examples of strengths and weaknesses to talk about in an interview, click here.


#8. Applying for an unadvertised job? These 5 subject lines will get recruiters to open your email

In this article, the writer has provided a great example of how to confidently shoot your shot with a stranger and be successful. The article shows that it's not necessarily what you say but how you say it. More specifically, it unravels ways to make a great first impression when sending out an unsolicited job application.

The writer outlines five tips for making the email subject line eye-catching enough for recruiters to open it.


#7. Advice you should hear before saving and investing in financial markets to earn passive income - Interview with Paul Mwai, AIB-AXYS Africa CEO

If you are looking for financial guidance, Sandra's interview with Paul Mwai, Chief Executive Officer of AIB-AXYS Africa, about creating wealth, is a must-read. The piece covers tips on saving and investing in the financial markets, what to think about before you begin, and how to maintain a good profit margin. It also looks back on Paul's experiences as a financial expert and ahead to the future of the financial market. One of Fuzu's readers summed it up by saying, "very insightful and inspiring". 

To read the full article, click here.


#6. Why do successful people love to do these 5 things before job interviews? Let’s find out...

 Eseosa Osayimwen's article explains how to prepare for a successful job interview and secure the desired job. According to her, the first step is to do in-depth research about the company, which can be daunting. For this, she offers helpful advice on how to get information through the company's online presence. The article guides researching the recruiter, what questions to expect, and how to create the proper inquiries for the interviewer. The article is like a beacon of knowledge, taking readers out of the dark and into the light. 

Enjoy reading the article here to learn more about how to equip yourself with better interview techniques.


#5. An easy formula for crafting an eye-catchy professional summary - It’s the first thing recruiters look at on your CV

To guarantee that a hiring manager will not reject your resume, crafting an aesthetically pleasing and professional summary is essential. This is the first thing a recruiter will pay attention to. To make it stand out, this article provides a simple formula for composing a compelling summary and comparing a professional summary with a professional objective.

Read more here


#4.  5 of the worst interview responses from candidates - The HR says it all

Scoring an own goal refers to an act that unintentionally harms one's interests, but what's more painful is an own goal that leads to a lost tournament.  Similarly, giving bad interview responses might make you lose out on a job. 

In this article, HR shares some of the worst interview responses from candidates that cost them.  The article explains how you can avoid scoring an own goal by saying the right things.


#3.  Avoid these 5 job interview mistakes. Don’t be remembered for the wrong reasons

No matter how careful you are, you could make a mistake during your interview. This is why paying attention to small details is necessary.

In this article, Anita Kamba focuses on how you can make a good impression during an interview. The article cautions against some commonly ignored mistakes you should be mindful of. For instance, you shouldn’t be too early for your interview, so what is the appropriate time for showing up for an interview? What behaviours should you refrain from during the interview? The author emphasizes five critical things that, when done right, will make you stand out to the interviewing panel. To find out more, read the full article here. 


#2. 5 interview questions recruiters hope you don’t ask during the interview - it might make them cringe

 If you are familiar with good first dates gone bad, you should read this. Especially if you are worried that you got negative ratings from your interview because you may have said something wrong, asked the wrong questions or were overconfident.

 We get to see how a job interview is a conversation between two parties - the recruiters and the job candidate. The job candidate answers questions for the most part, but they are also allowed to ask the hiring team questions. 

 However, most recruiters sulk when asked some questions. The article lists dos and don'ts when posing questions to the hiring team. You should read this article, especially when preparing for a job interview. Read the full article here.


#1. Bosses from hell: Here are 7 signs of a toxic workplace and what to do about it

 It's not surprising that the article, to top it all, delves into workplace harassment and how to deal with it. This article shares tips on what it means to be in a toxic workplace and what to do when you find yourself in a toxic workplace or with a toxic boss. 

"This is well written and speaks to the topic in clear terms," Commented Onisokumen Egwu, one of Fuzu's users. "I like how the various signs were properly outlined." 

 Finally, the article was practical as it recognized that it could be a while before employees leave a toxic workplace and highlighted steps they could take to cope and what they should avoid doing in such an environment. Read the full article here.


In summary,

There are many stories worth reading on our Forum page. I suggest bookmarking them on your desktop or mobile device so that you can quickly skim through them when you have time to enjoy a well-deserved downtime. Anyway, what's your favourite story on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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