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The half a million Jumia gift – Are you up for it?

We thought you deserved to be spoiled a little bit – courtesy of Jumia.

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We thought you deserved to be spoiled a little bit – courtesy of Jumia.

Our friends over at Jumia – Africa’s leading online retailer revolutionizing the shopping experience in Africa, have joined us to celebrate Fuzu Party Week!

As you hopefully know by now, last week we hit a huge milestone on our journey to help our career driven community to build their careers and get their dream jobs. This is special to us, not because of the gifts, but because of what this symbolizes in the life of Fuzu.

This is all thanks to you for being one of our biggest fans and to Jumia for being one of our partners who are always providing endless job opportunities to our Fuzu users. In the spirit of ‘Fuzu party week’, we thought you deserved to be spoiled a little bit – again, courtesy of Jumia.

Here’s to having a dream (and chasing after it, on Fuzu of course) and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Fuzu and Jumia are giving you Ksh 300 off your shopping on orders above Ksh 1,000. Maybe it's about time you get yourself some cool tech accessory, or gadget that pretty much everybody should have. 

Got a friend who would go nuts for giving him/ her a heads-up on this gift? Go ahead and invite them to Fuzu by sharing this link. They need to join the Fuzu community to get a code. 

Your unique voucher code is in your Fuzu inbox. To access your Fuzu inbox on your desktop, click on the ‘Messages’ link just below your ‘My profile’ menu. If you are using a mobile phone, at the top right side of your screen, click on the yellow envelop icon.

Note: The voucher can only be used to shop on Jumia's online shopping mall and is valid for 7 days! Don't miss your chance to redeem it!

Psst! We’ve heard whispers that tomorrow’s gift will be exciting. Make sure you check it out!

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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