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This is my story – chasing my dream job on Fuzu

My job search Journey has never been this smooth!

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My job search Journey has never been this smooth!

When we first launched Fuzu in 2015, we hoped to support our community of career builders get their dream jobs. In the past few months, a lot of exciting stuff has been happening - Fuzu partnering with Google, Fuzu launching in Uganda, launching the job shadowing program with #TeamAdelle, etc. But none of them caused an online buzz like our celebration for hitting the 500,000 registered users mark dubbed ‘Fuzu party week’ which happened a few days ago.

Having helped hundreds of job seekers get matched with employers and gain access to career guidance and courses to improve their employability skills, we’ve seen many inspiring happy stories as well as a few sad stories filled with hope. This fills our hearts with fulfilment and purpose to continue being your trusted online career companion walking with you throughout your career journey. We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to those who celebrated with us and shared their feedback and experiences with us. Here are some: -

“I started my journey when I got a referral from a friend who got a job via Fuzu, and at the time I was desperate for anything as long as it brought food on the table, so I said why not? What got me interested a lot is that whenever I applied for any job, some companies include "tests" that I saw to be very helpful. The tests literally make you see yourself inside out, hehehehehe. I love the tests. Recently, I saw they offer "courses" on whatever you are interested in e.g. social media, accounting, customer care. I'm a quiet person but the "tests" and "courses" have helped me a lot in life and also in the current job that I'm in. I'm happy and I love my job and also learn a lot from the staff whom I've come to see as family. I would definitely recommend Fuzu to anyone.” Leila

“Job search especially for newly graduates can be so hectic bearing in mind they have no experience, with most jobs requiring about 2 years and above of experience. Having dropped my CV in so many organizations, I almost gave up on job search for entry level jobs. Fortunately, FUZU made it so easy for me with regular updates on entry level jobs I had a variety of options to choose from. Thanks to Fuzu I have my current job. I would recommend Fuzu to all people looking for jobs in all levels of entry. Thank you!” Vivian Kanana

“My journey with Fuzu has been great, and it's a platform everyone needs to be part of. As a job-seeker, it continues to connect me to different opportunities for my consideration, making it so easy to even apply for jobs. Apart from that, it also allows employees to get potential candidates for employment from this platform. It's an amazing platform that everybody should check out.” Frankline Omondi

“Fuzu has been of great aid to me. I personally feel its the best platform since it’s up to date, moreover, they remind you when a vacancy is almost closing so that you are not left out. I thank Fuzu for every detail they offer.” Morris Mugambi

My job search has always hit a brick wall but it came to my realization that it was not because I was any less qualified, but rather the deficiency was in finding a job that met my specific skill set requirements. Fuzu helped me bridge this gap by sending me job opportunities that were tailor-made for me. Thanks to Fuzu, I am now two weeks into my new job and the future has never looked any brighter. I will be eternally grateful to Fuzu and its team.” Job Omondi

“My job search Journey with Fuzu has been nothing short of brilliant. Fuzu has helped me edge out as one of the competitive career builders globally! Through Fuzu, I have realized my areas of competence and professional skills as well. My job search journey has never been this smooth! Interestingly, Fuzu offered me an opportunity to grow with them in Kenya, where I am currently advancing my career building journey. Thank you Fuzu!” Dennis

“It has really helped me very much and I got the job that I'm working at right now through Fuzu. It’s now my 3rd year. Thank you very much! Kindly let’s try to spread it to others so that they may benefit like me.” – Athanus  

We hope you can draw inspiration from these users as you work towards your dream career. Just remember Fuzu is here to walk with you all the way. 

Got feedback for us or an interesting story to share? Post it in the comment section below. 

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Kelvin Mokaya

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