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5 Cheap Vacation Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind - Bucket List Goals!

If you’ve been looking for a sign to travel, this is it. Here are five cheap vacation destinations that will wow you.

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If you’ve been looking for a sign to travel, this is it. Here are five cheap vacation destinations that will wow you.

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Do you live for adventure but have a limited budget? The Nigerian economy is tough and does not allow for time off for low-income earners. All work and no play will certainly bore Jack. Don't you believe we, as salary earners, deserve to travel the globe? Your ever-expanding vacation wish list may be a strain on your finances, but there are many places where you'll get more bang for your money. From Greece to South Africa, here are 5 cheap vacation destinations you can visit without breaking the bank.

1. South Africa - One of the best things about visiting South Africa is that you can go on a safari without breaking the bank. Visit Hluhluwe-Imfolozi to view white rhinos and escape the crowds of Kruger, the Drakensberg for wonderful trekking, and don't forget to include at least a few days in the lovely Cape Town. Here are some affordable places to stay in South Africa. Also check out Planet ware. 

2. Cotonou - The busy port city of Cotonou in Benin, West Africa, welcomes visitors with a 49-acre (20-hectare) market, unique art galleries, and outstanding architecture. It is the only town on stilts in the world and the cradle of the ancient religion of Vodun. Cotonou, Benin's de facto capital city, is the seat of government and the country's commercial hub, with coastline excursions through beautiful tropical landscape leading to beach resorts that give a peaceful respite. Find out more on Benininfo.

3. Uruguay - If you're seeking a more affordable vacation destination, consider visiting neighboring Uruguay. You'll be happy to know that superb steak can be found here. There are lots of magnificent beaches to pick from - head to Cabo Polonio for calmer sands and plentiful wildlife and the beautiful ancient capital of Montevideo. Discover more on Planet of hotels. 

4. Mexico - You'd be astonished to learn that vacationing in Mexico is as inexpensive as it gets. Mexico is a tropical treasure trove, with spectacular beaches, fascinating ruins, enticing culture, lively towns bursting with colonial splendor, and fiercely delectable food.  Mexico is a vacation with something for everyone. Here are 10 things you can do in Mexico.

5. Ghana - Ghana is an ideal destination for experiencing the bustling coastal cities and the vibrant food and creative sectors. Ghanaians are well-known for their variation of jollof rice (a rice dish that is popular throughout West Africa). However, mention this to any Nigerian, and they would argue fiercely that Nigerian Jollof is superior. It is abundant in natural resources as well as cultural riches. It is Africa's second-largest cocoa and gold producer (which is why it was called Gold Coast). It also has a lot of diamonds and oil. Here are the top 10 tourist sites in Ghana

Tourist destination in Ghana


Traveling is a perfect way to take a mental break from work and just hit the reset button. As salary earners, we need a vacation the most, considering that we spend most of our time behind a desk or laptop. So add travel to your to-do list for 2022; now is the “perfect time”  you’ve been waiting for.

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