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Five New Year's Resolutions That Will Boost Your Career in 2022

New year, new career? You might have set fresh goals for yourself this year, so here are five new year's resolutions your career needs to succeed.

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New year, new career? You might have set fresh goals for yourself this year, so here are five new year's resolutions your career needs to succeed.

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It’s that time of year again where everyone is going “New year - new me”, but what does it mean for your career? New year's resolutions are flying around like a bug, and we’re all hoping we can stick by them this time around. You might want to be more fit this year, drink more water, read more books, but what about your career? What boxes are you ticking this year?

Before planning for the new year, it’s essential to reflect on and evaluate your successes and failures in 2021. You had goals at the start of 2021; how many of them were you able to smash? What were your shortcomings, and what can you do to make 2022 even better? These are questions you should ask yourself before setting career goals for the new year.

According to a recent poll run by PWC, 65% of respondents are keen on getting new jobs this year. In this article, you’ll get tips on how you can take advantage of the momentum and get your career moving in the right direction in 2022.


Here are five things you can do this year to get your career moving in the right direction

1. Learn a new skill

You might be bored of hearing this, but the truth is it can’t be overemphasized. No matter what field you’re in or the number of years of experience you have, the world of work is consistently evolving, and you must do the same. Why not update your skillset with new in-demand skills like soft skills or even the latest hard skills in your area of work. You can simply research and write out at least ten new and relevant skills in your field of work, then dedicate a timeline to acquiring each skill.

Picking up a new skill isn’t only necessary when searching for a new job but can help you climb up the ladder in your current place of work. Another easy way to do this is to take on new responsibilities at work that will help you gain more experience. So be intentional about making this part of your new year's resolutions, learn a new skill!

2. Be open to new opportunities

Every employer loves a loyal employee, but sometimes the only way to progress in your career is by seeking and grabbing new opportunities. Putting yourself out there and promoting your skills is a great way to get attention from potential employers.

Here are some tips to guide your job search:-


3. Grow your network

“Networking” is a word that many people dread, but it can’t be avoided if you want to climb up that professional ladder. 

Optimizing your Fuzu and other social profiles will help put you in the spotlight. Market your skills and put yourself out there; don’t be afraid to connect with colleagues and more advanced professionals; this will open you to a world of opportunities. Also, consider why you’re setting this as a goal. Are you doing it only to build your network, or are there specific types of people you’re hoping to connect with? 

4. Promote work-life balance

This is easier said than done because employers play a massive role in influencing employees’ work-life balance, but you can take steps to ensure you promote a balance between your work and personal life. 

Here are some things to think about to make sure your balance is a healthy one:-


  • Don’t check your email after work hours - This is very important, especially when working from home.

  • Leave work at work - Try as much as possible to complete tasks for the day and leave all work materials at the office.

  • “I’m not with my laptop right now” - This might be tricky, but muster the courage to say no, but you can be polite about it. If you get calls from your colleagues after work hours, tell them you’re out at the moment, and you won’t be with your laptop any time soon.


5. Work your way up

For some of us, procrastination is what’s keeping us from getting to the top, while for some others, the unwillingness to work outside the job description is keeping you stagnant. The worst career decision you can make is to do precisely what you’re supposed to do at your job. There’s no difference between you and a runner on a treadmill. 

As part of your new year's resolutions, make the conscious effort to take on projects outside your scope of work; if you’re gunning for a promotion, why not take on responsibilities related to that role. 

Working outside your job description is one of the best ways to gain visibility within your company and become a leader. Therefore, find out what major projects are happening this year and try as much as possible to chip in and share new ideas that could help the project’s success.


Bonus Resources 

Need some help creating a unique checklist that will help you stick to your resolutions? Here is a sample checklist for you; see it as one of our many new year’s gifts from us to you. 

You can also keep us updated with your progress by posting the updated list on your social media stories and tagging us; we will repost and reach out if you need some extra help! We’re on the lookout.

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