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Top Companies to Work for in 2022 (Plus Tips on How to Ace your Application)

Finding a company that shares your ideals will motivate you to put your best foot forward even when applying because it is a place where you genuinely want to be. Here are some of the top companies to work for in Nigeria and a few tips to help you ace your job applications.

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Finding a company that shares your ideals will motivate you to put your best foot forward even when applying because it is a place where you genuinely want to be. Here are some of the top companies to work for in Nigeria and a few tips to help you ace your job applications.

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As you start (or keep) applying for new job opportunities, it is important to research companies that you want to work for. These should be companies that are aligned with your career goals, your passions, and your ideal work environment. Imagine spending your precious time crafting a job application to a company, getting the job, and hating the place within weeks just because it does not fit your needs and goals.

We spend an average of 90,000 hours at work, which is essentially one-third of our life. With all this time, we can say our work has a great impact on our life outcomes and general happiness. This is why it is essential to choose where you work, as much as the company also chooses you.

That said, let’s take a look at the top companies to work for in Nigeria this year and what we love about them. You never know, your next workplace might be right here. 


Indicina tops the list as one of the top companies to work for in Nigeria. It is a digital lending platform that offers lenders technology solutions allowing them to provide their customers credit faster, at scale, and more securely. Their passionate team believes in collaborating effectively to ensure African consumers can achieve sustainable financial inclusion with the help of their customized open banking platform-Decide. Indicina’s work culture fosters individual career development and growth with the added advantage of internal mentorship. 

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Smart Gate Technologies & Consulting Ltd. 

Smart Gate Technologies & Consulting provides a wide variety of business support services such as education consulting, health insurance brokerage, facility management, and HR consulting. Smart Gate uses its knowledge and experience to help other companies improve their operations by finding ways to enhance their productivity.  We also love that they provide training in software development to help more people improve their digital skills through their online education hub - Smart Gate Academy. 

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Viathan Engineering Limited

Viathan Engineering is one of the leading providers of energy for service, commercial, industrial, and governmental markets in Nigeria. The Viathan team is focused and committed to improving life by providing innovative energy solutions. The company values partnerships and has collaborated with companies like CAT, Clarke Energy, and MWM to do great work in the energy sector. 

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Pulse Nigeria

Pulse Nigeria is a media powerhouse in Nigeria that is dedicated to engaging and informing the country’s young audience with the latest news entertainment, movies, music, and news. The platform has a massive media reach which it leverages to drive impact. If you are someone who is in love with media and content whether you are consuming it, creating it, or pushing it, then Pulse Nigeria is the place to be. 

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The George Lagos

This five-star luxury boutique hotel provides high-quality services, cuisine, and modern business facilities for guests in a luxurious, safe and serene environment. The George is dedicated to excellent guest service and has only the most professional and talented team to uphold their exceptional service standards. Their mission is to provide every guest at the hotel with complete customer satisfaction through The George Experience. 

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Babban Gona Farmer Services

Babban Gona Farmer Services provides an innovative platform that helps at-risk youth become lucrative agricultural entrepreneurs. It also enhances profitable farming for smallholder farmers. The company offers fulfilling work opportunities for millions of youth to help minimize the violence problem and strengthen Nigeria’s economy. 

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Afrimash Company Limited

Afrimash is the top eCommerce marketplace in Nigeria for agricultural supplies. It is designed to allow customers to safely and conveniently shop for quality items online with nationwide delivery just to sweeten the deal. The company aims to give customers high-end value through a talented team that works to offer the very best service. 

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DriveMe is an all-in-one fleet service provider that handles mobility and logistics problems using technology. They manage other companies’ drivers and fleets of vehicles so they can focus on business. Additionally, DriveMe has a driver-retraining program that enhances adherence to traffic etiquette and laws, reduces injuries, and reinforces driving culture. 

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Construction Kaiser

Construction Kaiser is a civil engineering and construction company that has developed into a leading authority in the Nigerian construction industry. The company handles industrial engineering, commercial, and residential construction projects all over the country. Kaiser’s core values, client satisfaction, and quality delivery are also its strengths. 

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Venture Garden Group

Venture Garden is the biggest tech holding group of companies that builds and scales innovative startups solving problems in high-impact sectors throughout Africa. They provide business advisory services, tech platforms, and capital to companies to help them scale with sustained growth. The Venture Garden’s Vibranium Valley tech campus also works as a space that fosters collaborative innovation among techpreneurs and company founders.  

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Tempkers Limited

Tempkers is a business solutions and human resources provider that uses modern service delivery techniques and solutions to stand out from the crowd. The Tempkers team is driven by teamwork, responsiveness, integrity, and innovation to shape the company’s conduct, client relations, and culture. The company also provides customized training to help its employees get better results in their roles.

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Printivo provides clients with printed business and marketing materials using their easily customizable products and templates. The Printivo team is made up of curious and creative individuals who are driven towards making the company the largest online printing platform in the continent. The organization prides itself in collaboration through open and honest conversations to create something bigger. 

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VFD Microfinance Bank

VFD is a microfinance bank that offers customers lending solutions such as corporate cash advances, bridge financing, unsecured and secured loans. It also provides various financial services and products to entrepreneurs and professionals in all sectors. So if seamless finance is your game, VFD is definitely a way to get your foot through the door. 

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Paypecker provides an omni-commerce infrastructure to African retailers allowing them to give their customers a seamless shopping experience on any sales channel. Their team ensures everything flows smoothly including operations, financials, payments, inventory, and trading. The company also offers its employees opportunities for professional development and wellness programs to promote their overall growth. 

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GIVO Africa

GIVO (Garbage In Value Out) is a company that uses tech to produce industrial and consumer products from recyclable materials collected directly from the community. The GIVO team aims to make recycling sustainable, rewarding, and convenient to the community to create a circular economy in Africa. They currently manufacture over 10 recyclables including the Eco Panel which can be used for construction, interior design, and furniture. If that doesn’t scream positive environmental impact I don’t know what does. 

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Workaholic DCC

Workaholic DCC specializes in infrastructure and building repairs as well as maintenance repairs. Their team of highly-experienced tradespeople and technicians is focused on client satisfaction, quality, and safety. Workaholic values continuous improvement for their employees and provide training on soft skills, customer service, HSE, and technical skills.

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Cognitio Communications

Cognitio is a marketing solutions firm that uses creative campaigns and exemplary knowledge of target audiences to provide solutions for brands. Cognitio is made up of self-starters with drive, curiosity, and idealism which contributes to the firm’s soaring performance. The company is committed to empowering brands in various categories to ensure marketplace success.

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Each of these companies certainly brings something special to the table depending on what you are looking for. Once you have picked your desired companies and done your research, it is time to create your job applications. 


Here are tips on how to ace your job application

You’ll want to go into this stage prepared to increase your chances of getting into your dream company. Here are a few job application tips to help you get into these top brands in Nigeria.

1. Connect with someone from the company

Networking is also essential during the job search. As you’re researching the company, find a way to connect with someone working there and build a meaningful professional relationship with them. You can reach out through social media or networking industry events. The more you talk to them, the more they can tell you about the company culture, interview processes, and company values. These people can also offer you support, valuable information, referral connections, and even insights on new job leads. All this can help you start from somewhere in your job search.

2. Use the STAR technique

Once you are fortunate enough to land an interview, the STAR technique can help you keep your answers informative yet brief. If you are asked to provide a real-life demonstration of your skills, follow these points:


  • Situation (Your role at the time)

  • Tasks (what you were required to do)

  • Action (how you did it)

  • Results (how it turned out)

3. Make use of your online presence

Don’t forget you will be competing for the same role with several other candidates. If there is any more information you can add to tip the scales in your favor, it is worth adding to your application. This includes an online portfolio, a blog, or a social media page. 

4. Tailor your application

We are always preaching the gospel of tailoring your application to the role here and rightfully so. Your application will be much stronger if you use tailored keywords from the job description and customize your cover letter to the company. 

5. Leverage your interests and hobbies

Sometimes your hobbies and interests can be your saving grace in a job application. They can be a great way to showcase your qualities and how you fit into the company culture. However, be selective on what to include. Look out for any activities that the company has held or participated in as a guide. 

At the end of the day, remember that you are also interviewing the company. Ask yourself whether you want to work there and if the answer is no, walk away. Get to know all you can about these top brands before sending your application and make a judgment based on your takeaways from their interactions. This will help you figure out if these top companies to work for are a good fit for you.

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Sandra Musonge

Sandra Musonge is a part-time writer at Fuzu with over five years of experience under her belt, helping numerous B2B and B2C clients with their content needs. She writes to inspire and not just to inform. Her educational background in Biochemistry has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. You can find her enjoying nature or trying out new recipes when she isn't writing.

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