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We Followed Sales Experts and Discovered These 7 Tips That Will Help You Sell on LinkedIn and Grow Your Brand

Are you looking to follow top sales experts that will help you sell on LinkedIn? Here are four experienced sales experts you should follow on LinkedIn.

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Are you looking to follow top sales experts that will help you sell on LinkedIn? Here are four experienced sales experts you should follow on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networks in the world. It gives professionals a platform to develop their careers, discuss issues in their industries, and make professional connections. Additionally, businesses have a chance to sell on LinkedIn, but how can you use it to your advantage? The first step is to create a solid marketing plan on LinkedIn.

The best place to build a community and share your experiences and challenges along the way is through social media. Sales experts create a LinkedIn marketing plan that helps them sell on social media and relate with their clients and peers. To help you sift through the sea of sales experts in Nigeria on LinkedIn, we have come up with a list of some of the active and top sales experts to follow right now.


Top 4 LinkedIn sales experts in Nigeria you should follow

1. Harrison Acha, Community Manager at Meta

Now working as a community manager at Meta, Mr. Acha is definitely in the big leagues. If you want to learn how to sell on LinkedIn, he is the guy to follow. With over eight years of experience as a digital sales expert, Mr. Acha has managed to capitalize on social media to achieve his sales goals. He has set the bar high for sales experts by posting niche content that helps marketing freelancers use LinkedIn as a marketing place for their business. Apart from this, his content will help you learn how to get digital marketing jobs without experience, digital marketing certifications that sales experts should have, and insight on the best lead generation software.


2. David Ejeagba, Luxury Hospitality Expert, Sales Consultant, and Co-Founder at Bruhen Hospitality Group

With about eight years of experience, Mr. Ejeagba has managed to rise from a sales and marketing manager to a luxury hospitality expert. When you look through his experiences, you can see that he started as a general sales expert and slowly realized his niche as he climbed to the top. Therefore, if you feel confused about your sales career at the moment, give it some time. 

This sales expert understands that the digital world keeps evolving and has made sure to follow through with all the trends and highlights in his field. You can use his LinkedIn certifications and licenses as a stepping stone to sell on LinkedIn and expand your knowledge. They include:


3. Ayoola Akomolafe, Executive Head - Sales and Marketing at Nampak Nigeria

If we are talking about education and experience, Mr. Akomolafe takes the prize. He started in sales in 1990 as a Sales Executive and has fought his way to the top ever since. His over 30 years of experience have made him the creme de la creme in the sales and marketing industry and specifically in leadership, customer service, and FMCG (Food and Beverages). Mr. Akomolafe closely follows the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and shares links to their masterclasses.

These online masterclasses are insightful for sales experts who are trying to grow their brand on LinkedIn and marketing in general. Connect with him on LinkedIn for direct links to training sessions offered by the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. Most of these masterclasses generally provide some structure for sales experts and the topic ranges include:


  • Building a sustainable career

  • The dilemma of profit and impact

  • Strategy evaluation

  • Masterclass for real estate professionals (investment opportunities)

  • Emotional intelligence and well-being: Finding that balance

4. Solomon (uche) Nweke, Founder at Next Level Digital Marketing

If you are looking to get into tech with sales and marketing skills, you should connect with Mr. Nweke. He recently started his transition into tech by starting Next Level Digital Marketing course on LinkedIn. You can start this journey with him or at least follow up on his updates if tech is a possibility in your future career. He has made use of the Next Level Digital Marketing and HTML Essential Training courses offered on LinkedIn. Other than this, Mr. Nweke openly shares tips that help brands sell on LinkedIn, so you can contact him for guidance on how to sell on LinkedIn.

From his profile, you can tell that he is approachable and open to educating aspiring sales experts on LinkedIn. With over 5 years of experience in marketing and sales, Mr. Nweke is one of the sales experts you should connect with when learning how to sell on LinkedIn.


7 Tips on how to sell on LinkedIn as a sales expert 

You already know by now that your brand is your identity. Your brand can be positive or negative depending on how you choose to use your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a good platform to shape and promote a good personal brand. Let's walk through how you can create your sales strategy for LinkedIn:


  1. Identify the target companies you want to pursue. Make a list and strike them out one by one after approaching them.

  2. Research and identify new leads to generate from LinkedIn through growth hacks, LinkedIn outreach, personal branding, content creation, or LinkedIn ads.

  3. Regularly share information about the service or product you want to sell on LinkedIn.

  4. Connect with referral sources, decision influencers, content creators within your industry, prospects, and decision-makers. Connecting is not enough, you need to engage with their content. Like, share, and comment on their posts to make yourself more memorable.

  5. Do some competitive research on your industry. You need to know the sales experts you're up against and what tools they use to sell on LinkedIn. Keeping tabs on other competitive sales experts will help you learn how to boost sales and use LinkedIn tools to your advantage. Furthermore, you can learn from their mistakes and build a more effective brand. 

  6. Use LinkedIn Sales Insights and LinkedIn Sales Navigator tools to drive more revenue. It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a favourable platform for the sales and marketing industry. They provide an insight-driven system that helps sales experts improve their deal sizes, win rates, and deepen their relationships. Try them out! 

  7. Boost your sales through LinkedIn automation. Don’t settle for the time-consuming sales tactics and lead generation systems on social media. The automation feature on LinkedIn allows you to automatically connect with the relevant people and still personalize your messages.


LinkedIn profile optimization

Other than the tips above, you need to optimize your profile. Does your profile bear it all? If I were to click on your profile, would I find a profile with no professional summary, profile picture, experience, or skills? Remember that LinkedIn is still a social media platform and people can make a first impression of you by simply clicking on your profile. So, you have to make it as professional and captivating as you can.


Direct traffic to your LinkedIn profile

Furthermore, you need to create traffic to your profile. How do you do this? By creating optimized content and publishing it on your LinkedIn page. Producing regular content will let your prospective clients know that you understand your industry. To get started, here are some ideas on the content you can start with to sell on LinkedIn:


  • Upcoming industry events you will be participating in or attending and what you plan to gain from the experience.

  • New information about your services or products.

  • A case study from your recent customer purchases

  • Your opinion on the findings of a study that relates to your industry or an industry event.

  • A recent study that was executed and published by your company.



I may not be in the sales profession, but I have picked up some tricks and tips that I will definitely apply to my LinkedIn marketing strategy. Let us know in the comments below how you plan on growing your brand on LinkedIn.

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Lilian Nerima Musonge

Nerima Musonge is a Lawyer who is passionate about Content Creation and Copywriting. She is constantly trying to broaden her artistic pursuits and find out how they can integrate with the law. When she is not squinting behind a laptop, she is mothering, cracking jokes, and living her best life

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