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Professionals Share Work Apps They Can’t Live Without

There are many ways to easily get work done and one of them is through the help of technology. Here are some essential work apps that you should try out.

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There are many ways to easily get work done and one of them is through the help of technology. Here are some essential work apps that you should try out.

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Mobile applications are the new norm for all businesses, social lifestyles, and now even in all working environments. When you choose to remain traditional in this age and era, you are likely to miss out on so much.  

We had a discussion with six professionals about work apps they cannot live without and this is what they said;



Not surprised, right? LinkedIn topped our list as most people attested to it being a must-have app for anyone who wants to advance in their career.  Read on to see why Ainsley, a procurement professional, cannot do away with this app. 


  • The exposure. The first step of creating an account on LinkedIn is enough on its own to expose you to millions of professionals on LinkedIn. When deciding to put yourself out there, you will see other professionals like yourself. 

  • Networking. Let us not forget that you are getting exposed and connected to professionals at a free cost.  Of course, the app has a premium version that doubles these benefits for a beginner, but the basic version is a good start.

  • Professional content. Unlike other social apps, LinkedIn followers are mainly engaged in bettering each other professionally. That means you are not going to see people casually chilling at the beach on your LinkedIn feed, but career-related content instead. 


Google Docs

“I used to work using Microsoft Word all the time to make my reports, but often I forgot to either save my work or do a ‘save as’ and would lose it all. A friend introduced me to Google Docs, the first thing that made me excited was the fact that at any time, anywhere, I could access my work without alterations.” Says Muwanguzi, a Financial Analyst at Universal Forex. 

She adds other reasons why this app is a must-have below;


  • Convenience. Google Docs is that work app you can rely on to show up everywhere. Whether I am out of the country and I only managed to carry my tablet, I am going to continue doing my work with ease. 

  • Grammar corrections. It can really be a pain when you're trying to work on something fast and have to keep going back to correct your grammar. Google Docs makes this easier with a diverse auto-correct feature that helps me proofread my sentences while typing, which saves me a lot of time. 



Ever wanted to send someone your resume and you remember that the only copy is on your laptop at home? Dropbox eases this burden of panic when you need access to any document from either your phone or a new device. This means whether you are in the Internet Café or using a stranger’s laptop, your document is only a login away. 

These are some of the advantages of this app according to Gloria:


  • Cloud storage. You do not need to choose which documents to keep while using Dropbox. With a storage capacity of 2 GB, you can also upgrade your personal plan to get 2 TB worth of storage. 

  • File sharing. This is as simple as a click away. You can share any document with your friend, boss, supervisor, or family; even share your resume with a potential employer in just seconds. 



“Call me old school but I prefer proper planning of my schedules and work,” says Paul excitedly. As a professional Procurement Executive, suppliers always want to pitch you their products and services and this can get overwhelming - but Calendly app solves his problems.

With just a click of a button, the app shares your availability slots with other people, so it is easy for someone to book an appointment with you. This also helps one organize their schedules properly to avoid missing important meetings and appointments. 

With a basic plan, you can be able to enjoy this app, however, investing a few extra coins for a premium upgrade will do you justice. 



Who said writers are not professionals? The Fuzu writers swear by this app. During our small chat with Sandra, an Editor with Fuzu, this is what she had to say about the WordPress app;

“It is a teaching platform that is very user-friendly for beginners. First-time writers can use this app with ease and learn writing basics like SEO optimization among others. The site also makes it easier to publish content for websites and blogs.” 



If you want an app that you can use with your team at work, Slack provides the right platform for this. The option of creating personal channels for each team makes it easy to follow up on assignments. Slack is a go-to work app for all companies as it also allows you to have casual conversations with workmates. 


Microsoft Teams

Online meetings became the norm during lockdowns at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Work apps like Microsoft Teams quickly became famous in this era and they have kept their places with an increase in users from a whopping 75 million to 145 million in just the first quarter of 2021. Here is why;

Professional users of this working app find it to be user-friendly. Getting meetings started is as easy as one click away and features like background changes make this work app exciting to use. 


Uber Eats

Yes, it is hard to work on an empty stomach. To keep you energized and going, you need a break to fuel your brain for the work you are doing. 

Ambalwa, a professional Auditor, says that the swiftness of this app makes it easy for her to do her work knowing when it is time for food. There is no worry about when or where to eat. 

In this day and era, technology has made a lot of things easier and more manageable, including work. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it was seen that work can actually get done online and such apps made this easier. 

Do not get stuck in the traditional ways and be left behind-let us know what your favorite work apps are in the comments below.

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