2021: What Changes to Expect in The Job Market

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It is important to be updated with the changing trends in the job market, and by understanding how these trends are shaping the workforce you can stay competitive in years to come.

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According to the African Economic Outlook 2020 by Africa Development Bank, the economy could rebound in 2021 to 3%. This largely depends on management of the COVID-19 infection rate by the government. Looking ahead, it is important to be updated with the changing trends in the job market, and by understanding how these trends are shaping the workforce you can stay competitive in years to come. Here is what to expect in 2021:

More diversity and inclusion

Most organizations believe that a diverse workplace is a valued asset. So you can look forward to working with various employees from various backgrounds. This cuts across age, gender and especially generations like generation Z and millennials. It is also expected that there will be more upward communication which allows employees to share ideas and opinions on certain matters affecting the company.

Remote work/interviews

Before the pandemic, working from home was considered only for the top staff. This has now become the new norm for many and it will flow through till next year. Thanks to technology, it is now possible for employees to work remotely. This has also cut costs on office space. Recruiters will hold more virtual interviews as part of their hiring process.

Soft skills

Hiring managers are set to place more importance on soft skills than hard skills. The soft skills include communication skills, creativity, team work, leadership and so on. This proves that soft skills have become an important factor for potential candidates looking for a job. 


This will be a unique time in the work place where more freedom and trust is given to the employees. Most people are worried that machines will replace humans in the long run, however, the use of tech is to reduce repetitive and tedious tasks which gives the employees more time to focus on other urgent tasks at hand. Roles that require more human skills like managing, communicating and interaction will be on the rise. Soon enough, there will be a balance between the work humans and machines do.  

This is a two-part series; we’ll be sharing ways job seekers can stand out in 2021 in part 2.

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