“There’s a lesson from each failed job interview,” Denis Kironde.

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Never give up. You can do upto three interviews in a row without being given a job offer but each interview has its own learnings that make you more prepared for the next interview.

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I am Kironde Denis, a Procurement and Logistics professional. I previously used to work with Living goods Uganda but I’m currently with Mercy Corps in Kampala, Uganda. Outside work, you’ll either find me playing football, watching movies or visiting new places like wild parks.

I’ve been active on Fuzu since 2017, I was introduced to the platform by my then colleague Maria Stella Namyalo. My career has tremendously grown since I subscribed to receive regular updates on job opportunities and also sought career advice from the career coach. 

My greatest challenge was prioritizing tasks and having them done before the set deadline, which is a challenge that many people face. Fuzu has a lot of online courses which helped me realize my weaknesses that I worked on and became a better professional. 

The most important lessons that I’ve learned during job searching is to never give up. You can do like 3 interviews in a row without being given a job offer but each interview has its own learnings that make you more prepared for the next interview. Active job seekers should use Fuzu’s Premium CV feature to polish their CVs in order to suit the job market that is too competitive of late.

I would definitely recommend Fuzu to my peers because it will always filter out the latest jobs that fall within your field of study and experience, the online courses are very essential too in equipping you with soft skills.

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    Namukasa gladys | March 01, 2020 17:38

    Thanks Denis

    EDNA | February 28, 2020 12:26

    Quite helpful

    NICOLE | February 28, 2020 07:31

    I'll tell you what. I am a Business Data Analyst and every time I apply for jobs, they end up sending me projects that I have to do and submit. And so the other day, one of my colleagues saw me applying for a job and the first thing she said was that she hopes they won't make me do another project and not get the job. My response was that "actually it is because I get such projects that I apply for the jobs". The application and rejection process has made me do so many projects for big companies and I love how much this helps me build my profile as a growing BA/DA. So trust in the process, and take a lesson from any interview you go through. When the timing is right, you will get the right job and with the right level of experience. Thank You FUZU, because this is my favorite job site so far.

    Esther | February 28, 2020 04:56

    Thank you Dennis this is great message that we should never give up

    Dorah | February 27, 2020 15:07

    Thank you Denis

    KEEYA | February 25, 2020 13:07

    Thank you Denis, pretty Informative!

    lydia | February 25, 2020 10:05

    This is great message to us job hunters thanks

    WAROM | February 24, 2020 20:46

    Thanks to fuzu

    sosten | February 22, 2020 18:30

    this platform is essential and eye opener during job search


    Fuzu | February 24, 2020 10:11

    Thank you Sosten!

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