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10 Less Obvious Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

You might have missed out on an opportunity because you overlooked these mistakes

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You might have missed out on an opportunity because you overlooked these mistakes

If all recruiters or hiring managers could provide feedback, we’d be able to find out why we didn’t get the job despite reaching the interview stage and adhering to some obvious requirements like early arrival and appropriate dressing for an interview? We’ve highlighted some of the things you that you have control over to help you realize certain petty mistakes that contribute to your failure to secure that dream job without your knowledge.

  1. Failure to submit a convincing CV or cover letter: Recruiters require a top quality, polished and concise CV that shows how qualified you are for the position you are applying for. Your CV should be tailor made for every application. (Check tips on how to write a cover letter and CV) 
  2. Being evidently nervous in the interview room: The moment you show visible signs of nervousness and anxiety in the interview room, the interviewers will most likely doubt your capability with the position.
  3. Using unprofessional language in written communication: Recruiters look at the language you use in writing your résumé. You should use professional language and avoid acronyms like b4, btw, etc. at all costs.
  4. Mismatching offline résumé and online professional profiles: If your offline résumé and online professional profiles are not consistent, recruiters may doubt your honesty and eligibility.  
  5. Lack of tangible evidence of accomplishments in your résumé: Recruiters look for facts and results proving your skills and capabilities in your résumé. Just saying you are a team player or time-conscious is not enough.
  6. Forgetting to keep skills updated with the current market trends: If you do not update your skills with the trending features, you risk being ignored by most recruiters.
  7. Leaving the mobile phone on and/or using it during the interview: It would not be appropriate for your phone to ring or vibrate in the interview room. It is even more inappropriate to use during the interview.
  8. Posting inappropriate pictures and other media content on social media profiles: Nowadays recruiters look at applicants’ social media pages to evaluate them. Inappropriate posts will get you disqualified.
  9. Appearing to be digitally illiterate: If you cannot show your competency with digital aspects, e.g. generating digital content, you may not impress the recruiter.
  10. Being dishonest about or refusing to reveal any weaknesses during the interview: Once you tell the interviewer that you do not have any weakness, they will notice your lack of willingness to assess your aptitudes and act appropriately on them. 

You might have missed out on an opportunity because you overlooked these mistakes. But if you can take the initiative of working on them, you are on the right path towards landing your dream job and progressing in your career.

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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