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5 reasons why employees quit

Is it true that employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers?

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Is it true that employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers?

It happens a lot in most relationships; where it gets to a point when one feels they can’t take it anymore despite giving it their all and end up walking away. The same happens at workplaces, employees leave for various reasons, work-related e.g. relocating with spouses or going back to school and non-work related. Majority of employees, however, leave due to work-related reasons. Does this mean employers are doing a bad job at engaging and retaining their employees? Is it true that employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers? Find out why employees quit before the next resignation letter hits your desk.

Meaningful work

The best workplaces give their employees a sense of purpose and make them feel like their efforts are contributing towards making a difference in the world. Organizations have visions and missions, but there’s usually a disconnect when it comes to translation of those aspirations into strategic and achievable goals that an employee can easily relate to. Managers should take it upon themselves to help employees interpret the company’s goals and see where their work contributes to making a difference in the world.

Corporate culture

I know what you are thinking, “Uhh… is this really important?” Yes, it is! Corporate culture might be the least important thing on an employees’ list but it is one of those factors that might make them leave as soon as they came. Does your work environment encourage employee engagement and satisfaction? How often do you create team building activities that make employees feel your company is a fun and great place to work? Is your management approachable or accessible?  Do employees feel respected and cared for? These are questions you need to constantly ask yourself as an employer.

Lack of advancement

The feeling of stagnation kills motivation. Nobody wants to report to the same desk and do the same thing over and over for the next 10 years; it becomes boring. Career advancement in itself motivates employees to strive for more success consequently making them better at what they do. As an employer, it’s up to you to make your employees feel that they are challenged to contribute and perform by constantly keeping them engaged in different tasks. Make them feel they have a future in your organization.


Employees need to feel like they own and are responsible for executing their responsibilities. As the employer, you are responsible for creating a conducive work environment that enables this. Structure and leadership are equally important but its rigidity and excessive hierarchy derive employees that sense of independence.  Allowing employees to utilize their skills gives them a sense of accomplishment. Didn’t you hire them for their skills?

Bad bosses

As a manager, are you approachable? Employees rely on the management’s feedback to get better and move forward with their tasks. However, having an uncomfortable relationship undermines employees’ confidence and engagement with the management. It starts with empathy, put yourself in their shoes.

Bottom line, managers must have the ability to engage their talented employees by knowing how to stay in touch with what they think. 

Written by

Kelvin Mokaya

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