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4 Innovative Companies To Work For - And They're All Hiring

This article highlights innovative companies that offer exciting opportunities for those seeking to be part of transformative change. Flutterwave, Koko Networks, Walimu, and Clickatell are some of the companies leading the charge in revolutionizing commerce, technology, healthcare, and urban transformation.

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This article highlights innovative companies that offer exciting opportunities for those seeking to be part of transformative change. Flutterwave, Koko Networks, Walimu, and Clickatell are some of the companies leading the charge in revolutionizing commerce, technology, healthcare, and urban transformation.

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In this article, we highlight innovative companies to work for their innovation and limitless possibilities.  These cutting-edge companies are shaping the future of commerce, technology, healthcare, and urban transformation. Flutterwave, Koko Networks, Walimu, and Clickatell stand as beacons of ingenuity, each committed to revolutionizing industries and empowering communities through their innovative solutions. 

From seamless payment platforms to sustainable urban technologies, from healthcare advancements to transformative messaging commerce, these companies epitomize the spirit of innovation and offer exciting opportunities for those ready to embark on a journey of growth and impact. Join us as we delve into the world of these pioneering organizations, where innovation knows no bounds and the future is being redefined today.


1. Flutterwave - Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria 

They specialize in unlocking limitless payment opportunities for a diverse range of clients, including enterprises, individuals, small businesses, emerging markets, and startups. Their platform empowers users to seamlessly send money to loved ones, conduct online sales as small businesses, process global payments as enterprises, and develop innovative financial products as startups. With Flutterwave, the possibilities are boundless. The question isn't what's possible—it is: what isn't?


Interesting facts about Flutterwave:


  • Rapid Growth and Global Expansion: Flutterwave has experienced remarkable growth since its inception, expanding its operations across multiple continents and serving clients in diverse markets worldwide.

  • Innovative Payment Solutions and Inclusive Approach: Known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to inclusivity, Flutterwave provides seamless and secure payment solutions, empowering businesses of all sizes and bridging the gap between underserved communities and mainstream banking systems.

The Nigerian fintech company Flutterwave obtained capital for a value of 250 million U.S. dollars during a Series D funding round on February 16, 2022.

Flutterwave shines with a solid 4.0 out of 5 rating from over 202 anonymous employee reviews on Glassdoor. An impressive 85% would gladly recommend working here to a friend, and 79% hold a positive outlook for the business. Glassdoor reviews generally highlight positive aspects such as a dynamic work environment, growth opportunities, and a supportive team culture. However, some reviews also mention challenges related to workload and communication.

They have a couple of opportunities in different fields. Flutterwave is an innovative company to work for.

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2. Koko Networks - Kenya 

Their mission is to revolutionize life in the world’s rapidly expanding urban centers through innovative technology. They are driven by the belief that vibrant communities emerge when everyone has access to opportunity. Their vision extends beyond the present as they are committed to crafting sustainable solutions for the future. They are dedicated to creating lasting impact in the communities they serve.


Facts About The Company:


  • Urban Transformation: Koko Networks is at the forefront of urban transformation, leveraging technology to address the evolving needs of fast-growing cities and enhance the lives of their residents.

  • Sustainable Innovation: Koko Networks commits to sustainability, they pioneer innovative solutions that not only meet the demands of today but also contribute to building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Koko Networks has had four rounds of fundraising. Their latest funding was raised on 10th January 2024 from a Debt Financing round. They have an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Glassdoor. Based on over 134 anonymous reviews by employees.

86% of the employees would recommend Koko Networks to a friend and 79% have a positive outlook for the business. 

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3. Walimu - Uganda 

Walimu is a very innovative company to work for. Their mission is to revolutionize healthcare in Uganda and improve patient outcomes. With a team of over 150 passionate Ugandan staff working alongside global research scientists, they empower local health workers with innovative solutions and supportive environments. Their approach centers on empowering health workers first, enhancing their efforts with tools, knowledge, and continuous quality improvement. 

They conduct research with a clear policy translation goal, ensuring their findings directly impact patient care. From collaborating with government bodies to NGOs, their focus is on real-world change that saves lives. At Walimu, success means tangible improvements in healthcare practices and patient outcomes.


Facts About The Company:


  • Mission Focus: Walimu is committed to enhancing patient outcomes in Uganda through innovative solutions and empowering local health workers.

  • Collaborative Approach: With a diverse team and partnerships with global organizations and funders, Walimu implements scalable interventions and advocates for policy changes to improve healthcare practices nationwide

Walimu's funding comes from various sources, including GIZ, USAID, WHO, NIH, UBC, and more, enabling the organization to conduct impactful research and implement initiatives aimed at empowering health workers and improving patient care in Uganda. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available about working for Walimu on Google reviews or Glassdoor.

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4. Clickatell - Nigeria 

They are on a mission to propel digital commerce into the future. They are pioneering a new era within the messaging apps consumers rely on daily. Gone are the days of brands being distant destinations; they now seamlessly integrate into customers' preferred messaging platforms, alongside conversations with loved ones. 

These brands aren't just chatting, they are providing immersive commerce experiences, similar to standalone mobile apps, minus the complexity. Their mission is clear, Clickatell is an innovative company to work for to transform the future of commerce into today's reality, with chat as the central driving force.


Facts About The Company:


  • Global Reach: Clickatell serves customers in over 220 countries and territories, reaching approximately 85% of the world's population.

  • Business Messaging Volume: The company facilitates the exchange of over 9.5 billion business messages monthly, highlighting its significant role in mobile communication and commerce.

Clickatell secured $91 million in a Series C round on 22nd February 2022. Clickatell has a 3 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor based on over 74 anonymous reviews. 49% of employees would recommend working at Clickatell to a friend. Want to be part of the team? Check out these amazing opportunities only on Fuzu.



In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, Flutterwave, Koko Networks, Walimu, and Clickatell stand as beacons of progress, each carving its path toward transformative change. 

Flutterwave's boundary-breaking payment solutions redefine possibilities in digital commerce, while Koko Networks pioneers sustainable urban solutions for the future. Walimu's commitment to healthcare innovation in Uganda saves lives, and Clickatell's innovative messaging commerce reshapes the digital landscape. 

With impressive funding rounds, global reach, and employee satisfaction, these companies not only lead in their respective fields but also offer exciting opportunities for those ready to join their journey. As they continue to push boundaries and shape the future, one thing is clear - the world of tomorrow is being built today, and these companies are at the forefront of that revolution.

Written by

Monica Wanjiku

Monica is a seasoned marketing expert with a knack for strategy and relationship-building, she has over 5 years of experience in marketing and advertising in the green manufacturing sectors. She thrives in delivering exceptional results. When she's not dominating the boardroom, you'll find her lost in the pages of African novels, drawing inspiration for her writing. With a passion for community impact and positive change, Monica is ready to make waves wherever she goes.

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