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5 Signs You are About to Lose Your Job… Sorry I’m Breaking This to You

To lose your job might not be as bad as it sounds… it is worse. A nightmare. Could you have seen the signs, or did you ignore them?

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To lose your job might not be as bad as it sounds… it is worse. A nightmare. Could you have seen the signs, or did you ignore them?


Do not call me the Grinch, I am not spoiling Christmas but I might save you from future heartbreaks. Relax, breathe in and out, if these signs ring a bell, then you know you are about to lose your job.

1. You are excluded from meetings

That moment when your co-workers are chatting about an issue raised in the meeting that you have no clue about. Did you miss it? Did you miss the email? No, you certainly missed nothing. The meeting happened without you. Sad. When you find yourself excluded from meetings you used to be part of, then your role in the company is in question. Maybe they are discussing your promotion? Maybe. But being excluded from more than two meetings is a sign. A sign my brother that you are about to lose your job.


2. Constant disagreements with your boss

If there is one person you do not want to be at loggerheads with, it’s your boss. It might be your immediate supervisor or manager. If you only recall more times of argument and misunderstandings than the good times, you are likely to drown in the pool of unemployment. It should worry you more if your manager stops giving you assignments. He takes on everything including your core duties and delegates them to someone else. That's a whisper to you that you are about to lose your job.


3. You are still on probation

Your contract clearly showed that after 3 months you will be confirmed into the company, it has been 5 months and there is no sign of confirmation. Not being able to do one's work is one of the reasons probation periods are extended. There is no other explanation why your probation is extended apart from one’s inability to do their work. And if you cannot do your work, they will get someone to do it for you.


4. Your qualifications are examined

“If only you had a Masters's Degree”
“You know this role requires someone with more experience”
“I only wish you had studied further”

When you start having such conversations with your boss, just know that you might lose your job. Suddenly your qualifications are not enough? Do they desire someone with more experience and knowledge? So basically you are not a good fit. The best advice, go back to school or look for plan B.


5. Your role is advertised

This feels like the final hit on the nail.

Should have seen it coming,
should have read the signs, anyway,
I guess it's over.
I can't believe that I am a fool again…

Only Westlife have the best words to describe that moment when you are going through the company website only to be welcomed with a colourful banner screaming, we are hiring! Your position is up for grabs without you having a clue. It happens, right? No, it does not happen unless you are about to lose your job. Let us forget the surprise promotions, if they are advertising your job without you knowing, then you no longer have a job.

If all these 5 signs are speaking directly to you, think twice about your job. Whether it's time you save it or you start looking elsewhere.


Bonus sign

You want to lose your job If you are more interested in losing your job than keeping it, then it will be as you wish.  But be careful what you wish for!

Written by

Mercy Mukisa

<p>I find my love for writing from my wild imaginations. I am currently pursuing a career in Business Management. I believe we can all be who we want to be.</p>

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